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NAACP a Racist Organization

The NAACP ( National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is a racist organization.   Any organization that has a name that talks about race is a racist organization.   If there was another organization out there mentioning skin color it would be labeled as racist and not be tolerated.

This racist organization has decided that the Star Spangled Banner should be banned because it is racist.   You can check out the story on this link.  I think that this has gone way to far in America.   Alice A Huffman appears to be educated so I am not sure why all of the sudden she has this political stance.   Perhaps a refresher in American History would help her understand our heritage.   Perhaps this Wikipedia article will shed light to folks.

I am tired of racist organizations in America placing their own agenda in front of our countries agenda.   If people of African descent, cannot handle the fact that there was atrocities in our history then it is their problem.   To try to uproot our American culture because there was slavery in the world at one time is a clear example of stupidity.

Alice just wanted to get her name in the paper.   This is about fame, not prejudice.

Organizations like this one should be dissolved.   If this was a white organization it would be labeled as a “White Supremest” organization.  If it was a Muslim organization it would be labeled as an “ISIS Group.”  I think you get the message here.

African-American people like Alice are what is driving this country apart.  These headline grabbing articles are about creating divisiveness in our country.  If people truly were not racist then skin color should never come up in a conversation.   There should not be special organizations dedicated to skin color.   We are all human, we all bleed the same color blood and none of us alive today suffered with slavery, or being an indentured servant.

Alice and people like her that work in the NAACP are the true supporters of racism in this country.   The NAACP should be dissolved.

As for the Star Spangled Banner – it is a part of our country and our heritage.  Anyone like Alice that does not understand that should pack their bags and head to a country that will accept their racism.   In America we are tired of tolerating this.

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