NFL can’t control protests, Keep its word on Veterans Holiday Weekend.

I like others are in complete lockstep with not watching the NFL players this year.  Like last year, they are still protesting our countries National Anthem and try to discount this behavior as no disrespect to veterans.

NFL - Disrespectful to Veterans, Americans

NFL – Disrespectful to Veterans, Americans

I have to disagree, and I have written articles on my stance on the NFL.  Taking a knee or holding up a fist while our National Anthem plays is completely disrespectful of Veterans and Americans. This weekend the NFL promised to not disrespect our military.  The news media was covered with tweets and actions that were supposed to be pro veterans.  I applaud this activity however it is not enough.  There were still protests.

When the NFL Owners cannot control their employees and hold them accountable to show respect for our country then the NFL is not something I will support.   As of 2:30 PST on Sunday the following people  / teams disrespected our country and their organizations leadership and ownership is weak.

San Francisco 49rs Eric Reid, and Marquise Goodwin took a knee and disrespected our Veterans (me) and our Country. 49rs Louis Reed held up a fist.  The Giants Olivier Vernon took a knee.  The Rams Robert Quinn and Johnny Hekker put up a fist.  The Saints knelt before the anthem.  Source

These are clear examples that the NFL Leadership and Team Owners of these franchises have no intent to control the activity and  professionalism of their players or respect our flag and military.  I will not dishonor my country, so these millionaires need to figure out very quickly how to be respectful to America, or the NFL will be something of the past.

I will continue to join the millions of Americans and boycott the NFL.  As long as this continues the NFL will no longer have the support of true Americans.  This goes for all professional sporting events, NBA, MLB or NHL.

Nascar continues to be respectful and has set a policy where its employees / franchises will not disrespect our country.  Amen to that.

As far as I am concerned anyone that does not honor our National Anthem and respect our country are schmucks and should be treated as such.


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  1. Mike says:

    I think that every player that disrespects our National Anthem / which is the same as disrespecting our country and Veterans should be fired.

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