Windows Privacy Issues / Bandwith Issues / Update Issues

If you are like most of the world (except me) you use Microsoft Windows as your operating system.  I chose Linux for a variety of reasons.   First, Linux does not do updates unless I request them.  This means no intrusions, no problems shutting down delaying my exit when I am going somewhere, no using my computer as a zombie machine passing updates to other users and finally no privacy issues.  What is most frustrating about windows is it expects a fast Internet connection (not 4GLTE) to run web browsers like Chrome, and it downloads its updates without your permission unless you turn on the metered connection function.  Its Microsoft Office Program is problematic as well.   I use Libre Office compatible with all and free.  Windows is charging you 49-99 dollars a year, or you can buy the home and student version for 129 which is quite limited.

Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows has a ton of settings you need to turn off to regain your privacy.   I have enclosed a link for you to follow to regain your privacy.   Here is the Link.  Take some time to follow the steps to regain your privacy.   You will be glad you did.

I wrote an article about installing Ubuntu Linux and even suggested you purchase the disk from Amazon but several people made notes that they did not know how to install it.

In order to install Linux you must have the disk boot from the DVD Drive.  To do this reboot your computer and when you see the basic boot screen (before windows boots) hit the F12 key.   Use the drop down menu and select boot from CD.  Then the CD will load and you click install.   Here is the instructions from Ubuntu.   Sometimes you have to disable some Windows setting in the Bios.   This means hitting F2 and changing some settings.   I am very comfortable working with computers so it is pretty simple for me but others struggle.   If you are not comfortable changing Bios settings then stick with Windows 10.   I would follow the instructions that I left above to fix your Windows 10 Privacy Settings.

Good Luck!

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  1. Mike G says:

    Do not install Ubuntu 17.10 or 17.04 as of yet. They are not ready for mainstream computers of an older vintage. Wayland is buggy and xorg does not work well in the new environment. You will may have serious issues with your touchpad – especially if it is an ALPS and you will find that scrolling and mouse activity is erratic. Removing the lib drivers and installing synaptic seems to move the issues to the keyboard. If you are installing this on a desktop you should be fine. Computers with touchpads seem to be mostly effected.

  2. Mike G says:

    Ubuntu 16.04 is Rock Solid

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