Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson: White House ‘is full of white supremacists’

Courtesy Fox News

Courtesy Fox News

Democratic Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson, in the midst of a public feud with the Trump administration over the treatment of a Gold Star family, said the “White House itself is full of white supremacists.”

Source: Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson: White House ‘is full of white supremacists’

This is a case where a Florida Representative is prejudiced against white people.  In my mind nobody should be allowed to be in the House of Representatives of our country if they cannot maintain a clear mind about people.  Skin Color makes no difference but not to her.   I agree that she needs to be censured.  #censurewilson is the Twitter account that you can post on.

Rep Wilson has blocked her email address to only allow people from her Florida District to email her.   Apparently she has received so much email due to her prejudicial stance that she had to do something.   I am certainly pleased that she does not represent my district.  If she did I would be in front of the news demanding her removal – and the Citizens of the State of Florida in this district should be doing absolutely that.   There is no room in our world for this type of person, especially in government.

Rep Wilson should be removed from the House.  A simple question.  Why do black people have so much hate for white people?

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  1. Mike says:

    Racial Comments do not belong in any conversation at any time. This is something that was in our past but does not need to be part of our present and future. Skin Color means nothing. People on the other hand do bad things and say bad things. If there was an issue with someone being out of line than the comments should have been directed to that individual. Skin color should have never been brought up. Racial divide in this country is being caused by people like Representative Wilson. #censurewilson

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