Sixty Percent of your Colleagues are Lying to You.

This is an interesting thing to post, especially on Thanksgiving, but the reason for the post is around current events.   Lately there has been a plethora of  lies and scandals making headline news.   The references to the amount of sexual misbehavior are at the top of the list.

So why are so many people lying to you?   Why do your friends and business associates do it?   For many it is about acceptance but for most it is about being in the limelight.

If you take a moment and study human behavior you can determine quickly who is telling a whopper.  In only takes a moment for me when I watch the news and see a woman speak of her being sexually violated by a high-profile male when I see her eye movement and body language.

After 30 years in retail management it is very easy to spot people not telling the truth.   This is not an extremely difficult feat when you deal with it constantly.   Perhaps just giving people a few tips will help them expose the liars on the media and in their lives.

Mark Twain said it best.

“A man is never more truthful when he acknowledges himself a liar.”

For me to type a half hour or so to tell you all about what to look for is a lot of work, so I have enclosed an article that does a pretty good job explaining what to look for.    Source Article

Here is what the article will tell you; what to look for.

  • People cover their mouths when telling a fib.
  • They repeat themselves and provide too much detail.
  • They prepare for an escape.
  • Their breathing changes.
  • They change their typical patterns of eye movement (most prevalent).
  • They get aggressive.
  • They fidget.

Before you draw any conclusions if you know the person determine what constitutes normal behavior.

In the news particularly watch for eye movement.  Most of the sexual harassment claims you will see they usually look down when they are answering a question.  Normal human behavior is looking up to the left or right to recall information.  It is a natural function.  Looking down to the left or right is not recalling information but fabricating it.

Newscasters are excellent liars and have had a great deal of training to just read the news and show no emotional reaction to it.   Even the best slip up once in a while and let their emotions peek through when they are telling their news audience a lie and they know it.

Just know that popularity and fame drive a large percentage of these lies.

It is hard to hold a male or female accountable for their pervasive behavior when they are young.  It is their raging reproductive hormones that are in charge.  This is something that is coded in the DNA in every human.  It is perfectly natural for men and women to touch or make passes at each other.   As we age we learn about what behavior is acceptable and what is not.   For those in Hollywood that are doing intense sexual scenes in their young prime for the camera, it would be hard why to imagine doing it for real is not that far-fetched.   As for politicians, women throw themselves at them for fame and fortune and with the number of propositions for sex for trade. It is a not a wonder why several of them feel short-changed when they aren’t the selected female.

These sexual headlines in the news are a fad, and those will soon pass.  It is just another distraction away from what is really wrong with our country – racism, disrespect and the decline of religion.

In the mean time, open your eyes.  When you do you will see through the lies and you will be shocked and dismayed when you realize that people you have known for years have been spinning you a line of BS for years.

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