Liberalism and Sickness at MSNBC



MSNBC is showing its true colors.   We have two anchors that are completely out of control, showing their racism, discrimination and condoning of violence.

Here are a couple of links.   Read it for yourself.   MSNBC Host apologizes for saying assault on Rand Paul is one of her favorite stories.  Kaise Hunt from MSNBC –  you can apologize all you want but your true colors are showing.   Democrats (Liberals) think it is okay when people get beat up.   Rand Paul has 6 broken ribs from his recent attack.   Shameful.   Here is the next link.  MSNBC host Joy Reid thinks that rural Americans are a threat to core Democracy.   Just think –  because people are not city dwellers they are automatically a threat to Democracy.   Well, Joy Reid – shameful display!   First of all America is not a Democracy.  It is a Federal Republic.  You cannot hide your hate and discriminatory comments from people now.   We all know what you are.

This disgusting display from MSNBC  (Owned by NBC) needs to stop.   I don’t watch MSNBC and here are a couple of reasons why.   They call this journalism?

Media needs to have the common sense to fire people who don’t walk the line.   People in journalism are supposed to be professional at all times.

What do you think?   If you owned MSNBC would you fire Joy and Kaise?   I wouldn’t even give it a second thought.   By the way, just for those that make everything out of race –  Kasie is White and Joy is African-American.   Read the articles I have linked in my blog.   You will be completely disgusted.


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