Traffic Lights are Racist

Racist Walk don't Walk Signs

Racist Walk don’t Walk Signs

I was out walking to a concert last night and I noticed the normal traffic lights – red, yellow and green, but what amazed me is that the African-American population had not pointed out the man in the walk /don’t walk sign was white.   I was wondering why this had not made national news yet.  After all, the African-American population needs to point out that our traffic signals across the United States are racist – a White Walk sign after all is outrageous!  I am surprised they have not demanded a purple one.   I noticed in Europe many of these signs are green.  I guess they are more advanced in their countries.

Well most normal people would just think that it is a traffic sign, there to tell you when to walk and when not to.  I am sure that the NAACP will be filing charges soon against the racist manufacturer’s of these signs.    I would expect to see that the cities, counties and state budgets will be severely impacted because they will have to replace all of these signs to pander to a community that continues to make ridiculous, racist accusations when they don’t exist.    Food for thought when the news continues to pander to these individuals demands.

In order to satisfy all – I think the walk sign should be a rainbow of colors.  That way the gay community is not offended either, because these signs are not unisex.   Maybe we should solve the problem by putting a rabbit on the sign – so people will run and not walk.

I know, a ridiculous post but most of the news is like this lately.

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