U.S. House of Representatives to Vote on H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, Next Week

2nd Amendment Rights

2nd Amendment Rights

Update – Bill Passes House 231. to 198 – Heads to Senate.

In a huge win for Second Amendment supporters, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday held a mark-up of H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, and favorably reported an amended version of the bill to the full House.

Source: NRA-ILA | U.S. House of Representatives to Vote on H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, Next Week

It is no doubt that the Reciprocity Act will pass the house this coming week which is a big win for those that conceal and carry a firearm legally.   The Senate will be a little more difficult but there is some Democrats – at least 8 that believe in gun rights according to my research.   No doubly it will go to President Trump for a signature.

Having the right to carry a concealed weapon across the state lines (provided you have a license) should be no different from a marriage certificate or drivers license.   If you have passed the necessary tests and background checks it should be no different wherever you are in the United States.   States like Idaho which require no license will be no different; there is no license required, so they will be able to carry across state lines.   The only thing they would need is their ID to prove they are in fact from Idaho.  Also California’s people will be able to get non-resident permits from Utah or Arizona and have valid CWC ability in California where the liberals have blocked this in any populated area.  California is way too restrictive.

This is all common sense.  It was a long screening process for me in California and lots of red tape.   California like New York have one of the strictest conceal and carry laws in the United States.  Liberals would have you think that it is easy to get a permit.  It is not.   You have to have no criminal history, no traffic violations in the last 4 years, have to be a legal resident of the state, property ownership is almost a requirement, and a long history of living in that state.   I don’t travel often outside the state and the western states are much larger than those on the east coast so I really don’t have to have reciprocity rights.  It would be nice though to visit family in Nevada and Oregon and have the right to carry.   I don’t feel that I should be punished and my safety (and families safety) should be put at risk because I decided to cross a state line.   It should not be a criminal offense either.

Liberals would have you believe that guns kill people.  We all know that is not true.   Responsible gun owners in this country carry only to protect themselves and perhaps other citizens that could be in a life threatening instance.   Almost none of the Concealed Weapon Permit holders have un-holstered their guns in defense of themselves.   What you read about on the Internet and News Papers is mostly people defending themselves in their homes.

My question to liberals would be, if you were out shopping and someone came in shooting up the place wouldn’t you want a law biding trained citizen to take action to protect your life along with their own until the police showed up?  Perhaps you would rather be a statistic and leave your family behind to fend for themselves?

The only way America will be truly safe is when criminals begin to understand that law biding citizens will defend themselves and they are not such easy targets after all.   I cherish my right to carry.  I also understand the responsibility that comes with it.  Like others that have worked hard to pass all of the tests to enjoy these rights we also hope we never have to un-holster our weapon in our defense or defense of others.   This is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.   Liberals think we are the gun fighters of the old west.   We are not.  Those that have had their lives saved by a responsible citizen certainly understand the value of these rights.

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  1. Mike says:

    House set to vote on the bill on Wednesday December 6th

  2. George says:

    As usual the Liberal people in the House and Senate will vote no or pass some other feel good, do nothing gun law that will have the criminals falling down with laughter! look up the definition of outlaw!

  3. Mike says:

    George, The truth is spoken in your comment for sure.

  4. Mike says:

    Post edited to correct language in Idaho and other states that do not require a CWC license. They will be able to carry across state lines – the only thing they would need is their ID showing what state they are from.

  5. Mike says:

    Bill Passes House 231 YEA to 198 No with 6 Democrats crossing the aisle to vote in favor of the bill. The Senate is going to be a tough battle.

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