Why a Two Party System Does Not Work in the U.S.


Most people would argue with me saying that we don’t have a two-party system but in reality we do.    Our current representation in Washington DC is;

Political Parties House of Representatives Senate
Republican Party 241 52
Democratic Party 194 46
Independent 0 2

Yes, there are more political parties but they mean absolutely nothing in our government.  Because of this two-party system nothing ever gets accomplished in our government.   If you study history you will find that they only way laws get passed in our government is when the Republican or Democratic Party hold a majority.

This is why we were stuck with so many stupid laws that do not make sense.

In the next week we are supposed to have a budget passed to keep the Federal Government operating.  After all, we never balance our budget so the parties must get together to figure out how to fund our government.  With our two-party system the Democrats will hold out and refuse to vote for the budget and hold the “border wall” hostage.  They do not care about the security of the American People, they just want to do what they can to stonewall what the Republicans are doing.   This is just one example of current events where a two-party system fails.

Our founders couldn’t have known that our government would end up with a simple two-party system that would kill the progress of our government.   It has come down to Liberals and Conservatives.

Liberalism in our country is bordering on Socialism.   Europe is a great example of what Liberalism does.  The countries are still free, however the citizens in most countries can’t protect themselves and are easy targets for terrorists.   The countries have disarmed their citizens.  Countries like Greece have gone broke.  Taxes are increasing .

Conservatives have good values, rely on the Constitution for direction however there is a greedy bunch of people at the top that want more and more money.   Our values are being short-changed for dollars.

Nobody can foresee the direction our country will take in the future, but either path is not good.   The Conservative Path is a better one because it follows the Constitution.   The Liberal Path sells us out, makes people lazy and contributes to more people on welfare and higher crime rates.   It disarms the citizens like Europe and makes us targets for Terrorists.

The ultimate solution for our country is to have people from our own country separate into more political parties.   This would create more of a chance for our country to be successful.  Just my thoughts.

Here is the actual list of political parties in the United States.  Some are obviously militant or socialistic where others may not be.  It will be interesting to what will change in our country over the next decade.

America First Party 2002
America’s Party 2008 America’s Independent Party
American Delta Party 2016
American Freedom Party 2010 American Third Position Party
American Populist Party* 2009
American Solidarity Party 2011 Christian Democratic Party USA
Black Riders Liberation Party 1996
Christian Liberty Party* 1996 American Heritage Party
Citizens Party of the United States 2004 New American Independent Party
Communist Party USA 1919 Workers Party of America
Workers (Communist) Party of America
International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties
Constitution Party 1992 U.S. Taxpayers’ Party
Freedom Socialist Party 1966 Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment
Green Party of the United States 2001 Association of State Green Parties Global Greens
Humane Party 2009
Independent American Party 1998
Justice Party 2011
Legal Marijuana Now Party 1998
Libertarian Party 1971 International Alliance of Libertarian Parties
Modern Whig Party 2007
National Socialist Movement 1974 National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement World Union of National Socialists
New Black Panther Party 1989
Objectivist Party 2008
Party for Socialism and Liberation 2004
Peace and Freedom Party 1967
Prohibition Party 1869
Reform Party of the United States of America 1995 United We Stand America
Royalist Party USA 2014
Socialist Action 1983 Fourth International
Socialist Alternative 1986 Labor Militant Committee for a Workers’ International
Socialist Equality Party 1966 Workers League International Committee of the Fourth International
Socialist Labor Party of America 1876 Workingmen’s Party (1876–1877)
Socialistic Labor Party (1877–1880s)
Socialist Party USA 1973 Debs Caucus
Union for Democratic Socialism
Socialist Workers Party 1938 Pathfinder tendency (unofficial)
Traditionalist Workers Party 2015
United States Marijuana Party 2002
United States Pacifist Party 1983
United States Pirate Party 2006 Pirate Parties International (observer)
Unity Party of America 2004
Veterans Party of America 2013
Workers World Party 1959


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