Lamenting Caesar (How Our Citizens have become Victims to COVID-19)

LAMENTING CAESAR ;  Website – Jefferson Messenger Edition 23, Volume I, Dec 9, 2017

It greatly saddens me that a significant majority of this Nation are completely, and in some cases willfully ignorant of our heritage. Which in turn, breeds ignorance and misconception of many, if not all, of our basic constitutional principles; especially the “tax” system as witnessed by the Render Unto Caesar (RUC) justification. Before you read this any further, I implore you to go to a dictionary and look up the word sovereign and then look in the mirror. Do you see the face of a sovereign looking back at you? Do you get that proud feeling of sovereignty when you look at your paycheck? I didn’t think so, I know I certainly don’t. Now that you have hopefully looked up the word sovereign, let’s place it into meaningful perspective as it applies to the RUC complex.

We, as in “We the People” are the sovereigns in a Republic. Think about that carefully…

WE ARE THE SOVEREIGNS. Repeat as many times as necessary until you realize this and come then to the inevitable logical conclusion that, and this is where the RUC complex crashes to the ground, WE are the true Caesar’s! Not the defacto elected “leaders” who have donned the mantle of Caesar and pretend and have duped most into believing otherwise. These leaders are OUR servant’s and representatives, nay, they really cannot even be considered leaders, in the strictest sense of the word. And that, my dear friends, is, in a nut shell, the very reason this once great country is decaying into a third world nation, a nation of men instead of law.

Having made the above point, I could stop right here as nothing more need be said. However, for some reason, chalk it up to the spirit of giving in this season, I shall continue…

If we were to back up and disregard the point I just made and pretend for the moment that we live under the authority of a “Caesar,” (even the thought of pretending we have a Caesar for this example wretches my stomach) I must then ask a few questions of you about Caesar’s power.

First, does Caesar have unlimited powers?  If no, then what are Caesar’s limits?

Does Caesar have the rightful power to take from one, by force, and give it to another? (Note: I use the term rightful power, as Caesar may very well have the physical power at this point to do whatever the hell he damn well wishes. But, rightful power?)

Does Caesar have the rightful power to put you and me, as well as our children, into debt?

Are you beginning to see the real picture here?

“Caesar’s” rightful powers even in the context of this hypothetical thought example are, in fact, quite limited. Until you understand the limits, and more importantly WHY those limits were created, then neither you or the majority of this Nation will ever understand the value or meaning of Liberty. I’m talking the kind of liberty that men pledge their sacred honor, their property, and if need be their lives to defend. Certainly not the rhetorical kind spewed forth from our present “Caesar(s).”

I’ll leave you this to ponder…

  • WE did not elect Caesar.
  • The Constitution prohibits Caesar (government) from enforcing a direct tax without apportionment.
  • The Constitution prohibits Caesar from waving our rights unless we do so voluntarily.
  • Finally, Caesar is destroying this Country with massive loads of debt not authorized in the Constitution. Caesar ran one country into the ground; one would think WE would learn from history. (Which may be why our current leadership is allowing the masses to remove our historical lessons – so we would be doomed to repeat it – allowing the perceived Caesarship to prevail).

Death to Caesar!!!

Just one last thing, if by some chance your thinking has been perverted to the point that you believe Caesar has unlimited rightful power to tax (destroy) then I must challenge you with this: Are you willing to put YOUR life on the line to defend your beliefs? I’m am prepared to defend my beliefs with my life. And I say this with the clearest of conscience.

We the People must remember the past so as not to repeat the history. We all must remember that this Great Nation…Our Nation was started by a tax protest.  I am sure that the apologists of the day at that time were all saying the very same things to them damn revolutionaries.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. ~ Mark Twain — Notebook, 1904

The above Article is an edited excerpt of a retort by P.A. Mitchell in December 1997

Jesus first called them hypocrites, and then asked one of them to produce a Roman coin that would be suitable for paying Caesar’s tax. One of them showed him a Roman coin, and he asked them whose head and inscription were on it. They answered, “Caesar’s,” and he responded: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s”.

People in this country have gone completely blind.   They do not understand the Constitution.  They do not understand why the blood of our founding fathers was spilled that day in Boston at the Boston Tea Party.  They do not understand that our government is out of control.  They do not understand that taxation without representation was the start of a war which made our great country.  No President, No Member of Congress, Member of the Senate, State Legislature or Representatives, County, City or other organization have the right to tax you, remove your rights, and tell you what to say.  Our great country was one in the world that allowed true freedom.   The people that you elect into position somehow feel that they are your “elected leader”, when in fact they are not a leader at all.   They are in government to represent “your views” and if they do not do that then they are useless and must be removed from office.

Not one liberal in office represents my viewpoint.  Shoving what they think is in my best interest down my throat is unacceptable.  I turned a blind eye to what was going on in my country like most people until I turned 50.   Yes, I served in the military and understood what it meant to protect our freedom, but how government works and what they were doing…. No.

I am quite sickened about what is happening in this country.   The liberal voices out there say I am wrong and expect me to bow to their beliefs.   I am a sovereign, so I only have my own beliefs and could care less what they believe.  I could write on for hours about how elected officials have effected my sovereignty.   Caesar was murdered and Rome collapsed.  Our country will see the same fate.  Being 60 I am fortunate enough that I will not see the end – however I fear for my children and grand children as they will be saddled with all the horrific things our countries elected officials have done; massive debt, heavy taxes, no morality, no scruples, no sanctity of life, the loss of religion and rise of gangs, murderers and thugs.  I am asking myself if there is a place left in the world where I can be a sovereign.  If I find that magical place I will be packing my bags, and hope my children will follow.  In the mean time I am here to fight against this movement until my last breath.


One more thing  Think on how this relates to the demise of our country.  Think of the revocation of our freedom due to COVID-19.   Think on how our economy has been destroyed by government elected officials that “think they know what is best for us.”  Think about California’s governor Newsom telling us how we should live.  Think about everyone that has lost their jobs and businesses due to these “know it alls” running our State and Country.

Throughout the CoronaVirus scare I have been working 50 hours a week along with my wife providing essential services.  We are still here.  Yes there is death.  Death is part of life and by choosing to hide isn’t living.  By maintaining a 6 foot wall from others isn’t living.   By turning on the news and listening to the scare tactics of politicians isn’t living.

We all throw the dice everyday we get up.  When we drive our cars we could get in an accident and die.  We could eat take out food and die of food poisoning.  We could have a stroke or a heart attack.  We could die from the flu, or cancer.  We could choke to death on a piece of candy.  We could get run over crossing the street.  I could fall off a horse.  A bear or mountain lion could attack me.  I could be killed by an armed robber.  An earthquake could swallow my home.

Just because these things “could happen” does not mean I must stop living.   I will close out by asking people to read the Constitution and Bill of Rights.   How long shall your rights be infringed before you wake up?

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