Women Have Found New Power – Lying About Sexual Misconduct

Over the past several months there has been headline after headline about women claiming there was sexual misconduct in their past from men.  It started out with the Bill Cosby headlines and has exploded into hundreds of headlines each day.

The problem with all of this is that these alleged incidents are dating back more than 30 years.

I have a question for all of these women.   If there was sexual misconduct 30 years ago, why was it not reported to law enforcement?   I’ll tell you why.  Most of these stories are false.  The latest story about the accuser of Roy Moore who was a former Chief Justice is just a tip of the iceberg.   This one was an attempt to destroy a career and change the balance of power in the Senate.  The question is, how many more lies are out there?

Women have found their new power.   They simply rattle off a sexual accusation that occurred 20 to 30 years ago and destroy a family and a mans career at the same time.  What proof is there?  Their word?  Why wait until now?

I am sure through the years that a few of these stories are true.  The #metoo movement is a bunch of hogwash.  There are women claiming that it happened to them too by the millions?  I am sure that they were not innocent in this at all.  Women are very good at flirting.

Men don’t talk about predatory women at all.   We have had women falling at our feet.   We have been touched.  We have had unwanted sexual advances from women, and as we get older these women are 20 years younger than us and beautiful.  Why?  We have money; We are financially secure; We have homes, property.  We can go on nice vacations.  We can buy things.  We have worked hard for our successful careers.  They want some of that action.

There is no doubt that some of these women have been scorned and used.  After all, throwing themselves at these men may result in a sexual relationship that was unintentional or was it?  Was it Quid pro Quo?

There is no doubt in my mind that these women are not innocent.  They are using their new found power to destroy the men in their past lives where things did not go the way they wanted.  They are looking for the spotlight.  They are looking for media attention.  They are looking for money.   They are looking for revenge.

No matter what you think,  men and women are not innocent in this world.  They will do things to each other out of spite and anger.  I do believe that there are women that were attacked, abused and suffered sexual misconduct by a man.  It would be stupid of me not to recognize this fact.  I do have a warning for many of the women out there.  Stop throwing yourself at men that have money and power.  The devil works in ways that will cause a man to do things that he shouldn’t.  This includes an inappropriate relationship if God is not the stronger power in his life.  Just in case you think women are innocent look at the media storm on female teachers having inappropriate relationships with teenage boys.  It takes two to tango.

My final talking point;  There is lots of “locker room talk” and poor behavior when men get together.  The same goes for women.  There are things said in these groups that would never be said in public.   I only have to ask my wife to hear about some of the things women say about men –  and I know what men say about women.   Most, if not all of these comments are sexual in nature.  In order for any specie to survive there is procreation and attraction.  Don’t tell me that women are innocent.  That is something far from the truth.  When a man heads down the wrong path the woman can say no, stop, don’t.  The problem is they don’t.  It is a crime for something to happen that is not consensual.  If that happens then don’t wait 30 years to report the crime.  Your credibility is zero, and I would say without doubt that you are using your new found power to destroy a mans life to put yours in the spotlight.

The sexual headlines are a bunch of malarkey.  This is something that sells newspapers or creates ad revenue on the Internet.  Don’t be taken in by these stories.  There is far more serious things that are happening in this world that need our immediate attention.  The wars in the middle east, the North Korean concern, the terrorist attacks in our country, our growing deficit, the attack on our second amendment rights, the power of the fake news media, the political special interest groups, the growing number of natural disasters, our worlds climate change and more.   Focus your energy in solving these problems as the issues with sexuality have been with us for all history and will be here for all eternity.

Mark 7:22-23
22;  Adultery, Greed, Malice, Deceit, Lewdness, Envy,  Slander, Arrogance and Folly
23;  All these evils come from inside and defile a person.

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  1. Mike says:

    Now a male accuses a female of sexual harassment. Andrea Ramsey of Kansas is accused and drops out of house race. Lets get this straight. The news is out of control on this subject. Just because a man and women get cozy with each other does not make it sexual harassment, even years later. Nobody is forcing these people to take off their clothes and have sex. There is not one case where I have seen criminal charges filed. These are all adults. What is really going on is that people have learned how to destroy each other’s careers and families over this. How sad.

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