All The Political Left Can Do Is Trash Talk

Once again the news continues to report on people saying negative things about the government or the president.   Chelsea Handler has been hitting the news hot and heavy with her insulting trash mouth.  Lindsey Vonn is another trash talker.

The problem with the trash talking is it does absolutely nothing.   If you read the news articles from the left, right and center they do a wonderful job of publishing all of the garbage talk, and then the people who comment to articles seem to post their trash talk below – the left and right taking shots at each other.

The real problem with all of this is that is not how government works.  Officials are elected to represent your voice in government.

If Handler and others like the Hollywood elite, people like Colbert, Fallon and The Saturday Night Live Crew would actually do something about what they don’t like it would be more productive.  Please understand that most of these people make as much money in an hour as I do in a year.   They have all the money they could ever need and could actually do something with it.

If these people want change then perhaps they should put up or shut up.

Insulting President Trump, Sarah Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer and Ryan is not doing anything.   It just continues to divide America.   How about putting into action your own legislation that you would like to see enacted?   You have the money and time to do so don’t you?  You habitual complainers have millions of dollars.  Get to work, stop complaining.

Trash talking does nothing but incite violence and division in this country.   Fake News does the same thing.  The Washington Post, CNN, ABC and MSNBC have all been caught lying lately and have had to suspend reporters.   Lying does not advance the cause of the left, it just shows the world who they are.

If you want change then legislate it.   I just turn a deaf ear to complainers.   I have dealt with them all of my life running business.

I don’t want to hear complaints.  If you want to complain about something, bring along a solution to the problem.

Here lies the problem with Politics.   Complainers on the left, complainers on the right and people bitching about the offered solutions.  The left had its chance for the prior 8 years before President Trump got elected.   We lost respect around the world, ISIS took over the middle east, North Korea grew stronger, the economy was in shambles, the National Debt rose trillions of dollars and the stock market underperformed.

In the last year with different ideas and different management styles the stock market is at an all time record high, unemployment is the lowest it has been in decades, ISIS stands nearly defeated and nuclear North Korea has been put in check.   We are in the middle of a long needed tax reform bill, Obama care is being reworked, 2nd amendment rights are being reviewed, our borders are being secured and more.   In my mind more has happened in the last 11 months of the Trump Presidency than happened over the prior 8 years with the Obama Presidency.

People voted for change.  That is how government is supposed to work.  You elect people to represent you in government to make the changes we need.   The “Caesars” in government need to go.   We are sovereigns.

Lefty’s;  stop trash talking.   I hear you, but I am not listening.  If you want change than make change.

There are people who watch things happen and there are people who make things happen.

Libby’s are watching things happen and then griping about it.  Repub’s are making thing happen, something that didn’t happen in Washington DC for 8 years.   Put up or shut up!


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