The Moore / Jones Election Upset Shows Smear Campaigns Work

Well, you all saw the election results in Alabama.   Its simple.   Smear Campaigns work.   The Democratic Party has been working overtime inventing smears against representatives in the House and Senate.   These are not new tactics, but since “sexual harassment” is so prevalent on the news why not make it happen.

I am quite disgusted with our entire political system right now as an American.   Last night while watching the national news there was a full 15 minutes dedicated to President Trump from Women smearing him from his past.  Mind you, these accusations come from far back as 1970.   In case nobody looks at a calendar that is 47 years ago.   Like most people I really don’t give a darn about what happened 40 some years ago.   If it was a real, charges would have been filed.   Let’s put the facts into perspective.   Trump is a millionaire and the President so why not make up some stuff.

The facts on the Moore case showed you that a woman lied about the writing in her yearbook.  She invented stories to smear Judge Moore to keep him from being elected.   It worked!  So there is no credibility to the case, however the fake news organizations dedicated lots of time to this situation.   Jones himself did what ever he could to smear his opponent.

So this is the way politics are going to be played in the future of this country.  Smear Tactics, Fake News and Fake Sexual Harassment charges.   That’s the “hope and change Obama wanted.”  Now the news is trying to spin the fact that since Alabama is mostly conservative Jones will vote with the GOP.   Hogwash!  Jones is a bought and paid for Democrat Puppet.  The Alabama voters along with the rest of the country will have to deal with what they have done.

With a slim majority in the Senate it was never enough to get anything done anyway.   Long term Republicans from the “Old School” are still voting against things because the special interest groups keep funneling in those donations.  Money is their God!  Money, Home and Self First, the People second!

Washington DC is full of crooks, criminals and swamp feeders.   And they said Lawyers were crooks!

I am disgusted that these “Caesars” that rule our country don’t give a hoot about the people who live here.  Being a politician is about power, your face on the news, lots of cash, lavish dinners and homes.  Nothing in Washington DC represents the common folk.

So here is an American Patriot (Me) that has just about given up hope on this country.   The Liberal Democrats in California take away my rights and tax me to death.   I cannot believe last year I paid 59% of what I made in income to taxes.  For what?  Infrastructure is crumbling while the Welfare Recipients dance on the table tops, get free housing, free food, free medical, free phones and tax refunds. The homeless get mini homes for free, and all the drugs they can shoot up on.  The illegals run the streets and murder people with no repercussions.  The gangs rob drug stores and knock down old ladies and kill them (Sacramento.)  People from other countries that were invited here blow themselves up and kill people, run down people with trucks and more.

I wonder how many people out there feel like me.  The country has done nothing but put fecal matter all over me.  For a Patriot that served in our Armed Forces I am completely ashamed on what this country has become.    Trump said he was going “to make America Great Again.”   There is no way Mr. President that will happen on your watch.   The scum of the government that you have to deal with will never support you.  The Fake News Media will slam you at every turn.  The special interests will dole out money to buy votes.

So much for our Republic our Forefathers dreamed of.   Our country smells just like Rome did before it fell.

If we don’t learn from our History we are doomed to repeat it.

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