Did the FBI and the Justice Department, plot to clear Hillary Clinton, bring down Trump?

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  1. newdelman says:

    It is interesting that Strxok chose to reduce the severity of the wording for Jim Comey’s final report. The words used are very similar to those used when the FBI investigated the Whitewater scandal. Both reports say that Hillary was very careless and reckless. Did they use the Whitewater report as a template for the corrections made by Strzok? Or, was Strozk in any way involved with the Whitewater investigation?? Or, did Hillary’s people get to Strzok to convince his to make the “adjustments?” In nay case, the manipulation of the wording is evidence that there was definitely ,to use Hillary’s words, a conspiracy in the FBI.

  2. Mike says:

    I agree with you. Unfortunately government corruption has been around for all time. The Clinton Crime family continues to function unscathed. What we don’t know is how much money changed hands behind the scenes, and I am definitely sure that that happened. Nobody does this kind of thing because they are a nice gal or guy. It’s what’s in it for them. The Government will cover up as much of this as possible. They won’t release the information to Trump because he will tweet it to bypass the fake news media. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama was somehow involved in all of this, a truth that will never be revealed. Thanks for your comment

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