California Punishes Contractors that will build the Wall? Illegal?

California is punishing contractors for bidding and potentially building the border wall.   Oakland and Berkley California are just two of those cities among many other that are Liberal Led.

It’s funny that a baker cannot refuse to make a cake for a Gay or Lesbian Person because it’s against his or her religious beliefs but its okay for California Cities to refuse to do business with Contractors that are building the wall?

To me there is no question that this is illegal and discriminatory.   When Liberal Democrats make up the rules it is okay?  Oakland and Berkley will be the first to be sued by these contractors and they should pay substantial fines, plus cash settlements for lost business.  The actions by these cities is criminal.

These cases have already been referred to the Federal Government and Jeff Sessions.   I believe Sessions will begin filing lawsuits against these illegal discriminatory  practices.   If this is allowed when will it end?  What do you think?  Should city and state governments be allowed to discriminate against businesses?

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