Gov. Brown pardons immigrants facing deportation

Liberal Gov. "MoonBeam" Brown - courtesy KCRA

Liberal Gov. “MoonBeam” Brown – courtesy KCRA

Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday announced pardons or sentence reductions for some 150 convicted criminals.

Source: Gov. Brown pardons immigrants facing deportation

This is more garbage from the Liberal Democratic Leadership of California.  Governor “MoonBeam Brown” set illegal immigrant criminals back on the streets to break more laws and create mayhem.

I am sure that a few of these convicted criminals have been model inmates in prison and deserve a fresh start but others – not so much.

There is not much deterrence in California.   Illegals are given a free pass, and when they break the law they don’t get turned over to ICE, they are allowed to run the streets.

California also makes sure that the crimes keep raging by making it extremely hard for those that want to protect their families from getting a Concealed Weapon Permit.  Los Angeles County has fewer that 200 valid permits.   I feel sorry for those folks.

So what about those that want to protect themselves?   Well Moonbeam has made criminals out of them because they are carrying a weapon for self-defense illegally.

The moral of the story….. Illegals get to break the law by coming here, commit crimes and get sprung from jail, get welfare and medical.   Legal citizens have to become criminals to defend themselves by carrying a weapon illegally because the State has revoked their 2nd amendment rights.

I am so blessed that I live in a part of the state that not only jails illegals, but allows law-abiding citizens to carry a weapon as well.  If it was not for these conservative policies in the North Part of the State I would be packing my bags.

California is wondering why people are moving out of the state….  There is not much freedom in Socialism.

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