Being Labeled

My website speaks about things that I do not like.   I do not like many of the things Liberals (Democrats) do or Conservative (Republicans) do. Many of the things they do are against my moral principles.  Our society is more than two dimensional.

I do speak more positively of the Conservatives (Republicans).  Much of what they do are more in-line with what I think.

What I do not like is being labeled a “conservative or liberal.”   That is what I call two-dimensional thinking.   I have my own mind, my own thoughts and my only moral principles.

I don’t believe you should release criminals on the streets.  I don’t believe you should protect illegal immigrants who have broken the law by being here.  I don’t like our government leadership selling us out.   I don’t agree with people disrespecting our national anthem.  I don’t like abortion.  I understand when there is a good reason for it.  I don’t like people getting things for free that I have to work for.   I think everyone needs to pull their fare load of the work.   I don’t like the continual over-reach of government.  I dislike the fiscal abuse of money and power by the Government.  I don’t think it is okay to tax me to death and give my money to others. That is socialism.

I don’t like war but understand when it is necessary.  I served in the Military so I have better understanding on what the military does.

As I post on this website I am presenting those who read my blogs with my perspective.  Most of the time I do agree with the Conservative point of view.   That does not make me a sheep though.

I don’t like our Presidents tweets.  I don’t like his lies.  I don’t respect everything he says.  I am disappointed that he is leading our country because he does not represent us well.   I do like some of the things he is changing.  The tax overhaul was needed long ago.  Obama care needs to go out the window.   We need to be tough when foreign countries threaten us.  We don’t need to go stir up things either.  Why arm the Ukraine people?  Why taunt North Korea weekly?  What is the point of making a public statement about Jerusalem?   Do we have to piss everyone off at once?

What Americans want is to be left alone.  I don’t want big government.  I don’t want more taxes.  I don’t want people telling me whether I can carry a gun or not.  I don’t want people telling me what I should eat or drink.  I am an American because I was born here.  I am lucky that we are one of the best countries on Earth, however there are many that don’t think so.  I don’t want to be like France, Germany, England, North Korea or Canada.  What I want is to be allowed to work to feed my family, have the right to build a nice home and defend it, have the right to live peacefully without being approached by beggars at the store and have the basic rights to defend myself.

In the mean time, don’t label me.   I only point out things on this blog that I feel are not in alignment with my thoughts or our country.  I don’t like liars, cheats and thieves.   I really do not like politicians at all.  Most are tuned into radio station WIFM (Whats in it for me).

Just so you know, I have my own thoughts, own ideas and my own brain.  I don’t need politicians, political groups, non-profits and other organizations telling me what to think.  I can do that by myself.   Don’t agree with what I say?  Then comment on the article.

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