How to Tame Windows 10 Internet Usage

Windows 10 is a huge data hog.  Its updates in a month can exceed 4GB.  That’s not the only thing.   The Live Tiles and the large number of applications running in the background that you don’t know about will eat more data.

If you are on a Limited Data Plan you will be eaten alive.   I am a Linux user, have been for 10 years, but my wife uses and prefers Windows.   It’s just something she is used to.  This month when I monitored the data stream from just background applications and Windows updates the computer ate 10 GB of Data.   Since I live in a rural area my data plan is $150 a month for 40 GB – and Windows just ate 25% of it for nothing.  Windows, Google and Apple alike think the whole world has unlimited free or cheap data.   The real world knows better.  Another Note, my wife’s iPhone ate over 2GB doing updates this month.   My android phone ate 1.4 GB.  That’s a lot of data for absolutely nothing.  At least Android asks you.  The iPhone just downloads its crap.   To keep Apple from eating your data just forget the WiFi network and it won’t be able to login.  If you want the update – go to a hotspot area -AT&T Provides many as well a Comcast and the rest, and download the update there.

Windows does not have the courtesy to ask you if you want to do an update – it just does it, and then rudely installs it when you go to shut down your computer or makes you wait as long as 10 minutes when it boots up to install its stuff.

Linux – allows you to do your updates when you want and does not tie you up at all or require restarts.   My Linux Machine used 242MB last months for all of its security updates and program updates.   When Linux updates unlike Windows it updates all software installed on the computer – every program.   Windows – just its operating system.

I am enclosing a link here because Andre Da Costa took the time to show you how to turn off that stuff the gobbles up your data.    You will start with setting up a metered connection.   That stops Windows from doing automatic updates, and then you will turn off the live tiles, and all of the background and syncing programs.   After this is done – no more abusive data.

A test today showed the Windows Machine using only .11MB of data or 110KB, and that was from actual usage.

If you have a provider that does not beat you up on data – where you get a decent chunk to use, I would not worry about turning all of this stuff off.   Many home data plans exceed 160 GB or more.  Also don’t fall into the trap that Verizon, TMobile, Sprint and AT&T gives you unlimited data.   They give you 22-25 GB of Data and then throttle your speed to 3G speeds.  On 3G you can barely surf the net and get email.  It’s just a trap they use to get more money.  If you are on one of those plans, time to get serious about turning off these data hog programs in Windows.

If you are like me, use Linux –  It uses virtually no data and will do the updates when I tell it to.   This way I can choose when to do it.   I usually wait until the end of the month and if I have leftover data I burn it.  After all, who wants your Internet Provider to get extra cash for you not using all of your data.

Good Luck.

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