A True Cross-Section of America, Comments on News Articles

If you ever want to see a true cross-section of America just start looking at the comments that people put on the news websites.  I have been reviewing comments for the past 9 months since I started my blog and nothing much shocks me anymore.

I do know that I will be turning off commenting on my site because the majority of people who comment do not have anything productive to say.  I will speak to this a bit later in this blog.

My Local Newspaper – The Mountain Democrat is a great example of what the world has become.  This newspaper has a section where people can write their opinions and another section for letters to the editor.   I have been published in this newspaper as well.  The problem is that after living in a small community the same names are the people who seem to comment.  Their comments are “Republican” or “Democratic” and are full of hate and name calling.   There is not much productive that come out of the comments except rants.  Click on the website and go there and you will see what I am talking about.  If you want to bypass the 5 article limit just do not allow the website to set cookies.

I read Fox News often.  I see the same comments there – not by the same people because there are thousands posting.  The majority of the comments are immature and insulting all with political overtones.   Rarely do you see an intelligent comment.

So here lies in what is wrong with America.  The true cross-section of social media shows me some interesting things.

  • People are uneducated as a whole.  Look at the spelling and sentence structure.
  • People use the commenting system as a way to insult one another and do name calling.
  • People rarely have something that is productive to say.   There are a few.
  • The comments are full of racism.
  • The comments are mostly political name calling.
  • There is rarely a solution offered to any problem.
  • If the subject is about History or the Constitution most have no clue.

The true cross-section of America is on the Internet.  People are much more decent on their own social networking pages because they do not use pseudonyms and are held accountable by friends and family by being decent.  This truly indicates that Social Media does not expose people for who they really are.  When they can be identified they act differently.  When they have a pseudonym their true colors show.   What a shame.  This shows how fake people really are.

There are many comments I have had to delete or clean up on my website.  I hold comments for review before I post them, but rarely do I see a comment worth posting unless it comes from people who I know.  Those people by the way are educated, have good writing skills and are honest with themselves.  There actions on social media mirror their actions when commenting even when using pseudonyms.

In order to have commenting open on my website I have to keep one step ahead of the hackers.   From March to December last year my website suffered over 25,000 hack attacks.   These are people who have nothing better to do than try to damage someones intellectual collective.  They don’t do it for money.  They do it because to destroy someone’s hard work is quite a reward for them.   It is a way of silencing the voices that speak out against what they believe in.   I will not be silenced.  I will speak my voice.  I will keep the website ownership and names private.  This is not because I don’t believe in what I am saying but I must protect myself and family from hateful people who would intend to find me and cause harm to my family because I have a different point of view.   To exercise your First Amendment right it is also required that you embrace your 2nd Amendment rights.

If you take the time to look at the comments on articles that are posted on the web you will begin to understand why America is falling.  There are lots of people complaining but nobody coming up with solutions.

Recently I wrote to the President of the United States.  I wrote a letter about why States like California are getting away with ignoring Immigration Law and Article VI of the Constitution.  I did get an answer from his staff but not from him. It appeared to be a canned letter that is sent to everyone. I do understand that is quite impossible for President Trump to respond personally to a citizen of our country when he probably receives millions of emails a day, however I receive the same type of response from our elected officials in California.  Pelosi just added me to her website emails and I had to un-subscribe from those.

In our oligarchy we are no longer represented.  If you do not have millions of dollars you can’t even file a lawsuit when government is violating the Constitution as California is doing with its Sanctuary State Law.  Common Citizens no longer have a voice.

I can see where all of the frustration of the people is coming from and I do not have a solution to this significant problem.  The State of Jefferson movement in California is certainly a step in the right direction though I doubt anyone is taking this movement seriously in the State or Federal Government.

In the mean time it is time to open your eyes and see what our country has become.  The development of Social Media and the Internet has taken a toll on our country.  The freedom of expression from those that haven’t a clue is rampant.  The folks that get government hand-outs and the illegal immigrants seem to have a greater voice than those who work and pay taxes.  The last presidential election proved this.  People that don’t work have time to protest and become organized.  Had our ancestors not put in a system of electoral votes we would have a criminal running our country.  I have never been much for labels.  People are who they are.  We have had some great Democratic and Republican Presidents.  They provided a great service to our country which proves people are people, not political labels.  I wonder what it would have looked like when Kennedy or Regan were president on social media and news website comments.   Would people have been so clueless?

So, I will keep posting my opinion and educating.  People won’t be able to comment however if they feel they need to contact me they can reach out to me on my contact form.  For those that know who I am you can always email me what you think.  I always value the opinion of others.  As I approach retirement I will have more time to make my voice heard in government.  Hopefully I will be able to make my voice heard.