Pot is dangerous, not funny — a doctor tells us why

CNN Anchor Randi Kaye getting high

CNN Anchor Randi Kaye getting high

No matter how much fun using marijuana looks like on TV or how many people tell you it’s harmless, remember one thing: unless you have certain medical conditions where the drug may be beneficial, you are better off without it.

Source: Pot is dangerous, not funny — a doctor tells us why

CNN thought it was quite amusing for one of the anchors to get High on New Years Eve in Denver, Co promoting how safe marijuana is.   As pot is not the same as opioids, and heroin it is still a drug.   Pot is not the same drug as it was in the 60’s and 70’s.  The THC content is way higher.   It is a mind altering drug that has been proven to do some significant damage to learning and retention.   It is also bad for the lungs and the new high content THC Pot is very dangerous.  If you don’t know a lot about marijuana I would click on this article and read about it.   A doctor has taken the time to tell you what it is all about.  As for CNN promoting that it is harmless, it is absurd.  Does it have medical value?  Absolutely.  Should it be available for recreational use?  Absolutely not.

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  1. Mike says:

    I forgot to mention that California is trying to introduce a bill to prevent Federal officers from arresting people for using pot. Article VI of the Constitution prevails and over-rides State Law and people can still be arrested and jailed. Jeff Sessions (AG) overturned Obama’s recommendation not to enforce pot laws. (Of course Obama is a pot smoker – we have all seen the pictures.) The Federal government is not going after users, but by overturning this law it will allow the Federal Government to arrest people for trafficking pot illegally across the borders from Canada and Mexico.