16 Reasons People Are Leaving California By the Millions

Photo Courtesy of Charisma News

Photo Courtesy of Charisma News

Some are calling it a mass exodus.

Source: 16 Reasons People Are Leaving California By the Millions — Charisma News

This is a great article that is very in tune with the problems here in California.  I moved away once and came back for family reasons however that does not mean I will be here forever.   I live in a beautiful Sierra Nevada Town near South Lake Tahoe.   We are probably in one of the sweet spots in California, but this is not without problems that are being created by the liberals in charge.

I have never paid so much in taxes and had to fight so hard for just the basic freedoms people enjoy in other states.  Illegal immigration is running rampant.   Property taxes have gone up 50% since 2006.  Fuel is almost as expensive as Hawaii which is thousands of miles off the coast.  Vehicle registration is through the roof.   I can register a car in Idaho for 8 years for the cost of one year here, and that went up even more this year. Vehicle insurance is 4 times more expensive and homeowners insurance is about twice as much.  Sales tax is one of the highest in the country.  Let us not forget that California’s income tax is one of the highest in the nation.

The homeless are running the streets.  Even in my Sierra town which is 60 miles from Sacramento they are begging in front of the stores.  Drugs are everywhere.  Illegal marijuana grows are everywhere in the county.  Drug cartels have brought in illegal aliens to run these.  Pollution and chemicals is destroying our habitat.  Heroin, Crack and Meth are the drugs of choice.

I have had to work for, apply and finally receive a conceal and carry permit to protect myself and family.  Where I live is nowhere near and could never be compared to cities like Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, or San Diego.  The crime statistics are much worse in those areas.  California was a wonderful place to grow up in the 1950’s and 1960’s.   It was of course controlled by people who had a great deal of intelligence and understood the rule of law.  The environment was business friendly. As California rolled into the 1970’s things began to change for the worse.

The mass exodus is just beginning here.  If California thinks the millions that have left over the past decade is a lot they really have a surprise coming.   People are not going to tolerate the continued heavy taxation to take care of all the people who want free stuff.   California had a budget surplus in 2017 but don’t expect that to continue.   The surplus is there because they fleeced the pockets of the average worker.  That money will go quickly to pay for free medical, food and shelter for those able-bodied people who refuse to work.   Many of us that have run from the cities to the mountains are being punished by outrageous fire taxes, fuel taxes and higher insurance.  The people from the cities are pushing their way east as housing prices become un-affordable.   Unfortunately it is destroying what many of us fled the cities for, the mountains which is our sanctuary.

The State of Jefferson movement has come to our rescue.  It may be too late and there is way too many liberals in Government and in the 9th circuit court in California.  I am sure they will do everything in their power to stop us.  We all pray of common sense in the Supreme Court.  If this movement fails I can guarantee many of us will be moving.  We won’t be moving to Oregon, Nevada or Washington either. Those states have become polluted with the same liberal mindset as California.  It will be further East where our ideals are still cherished.   States like Idaho, Utah, Montana and Wyoming still have common sense people.   Yes, this is called the Bible Belt, but for good reason.  California had better change or it will be paying the price.   Things are going to get bad.

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