Searching for Truthful News is Like Fishing in a Well

The only way to find the truth is to be there when news happens.   Journalists of the local network just read scripts that were prepared by some person.   There is no validating the truth before the story airs, it is all about getting viewer-ship and ad revenue.  I cringe watching the local news.  NBC and ABC is the worst.   CBS tries sometimes but depending on the anchor they can get lost too.   Fox tries to just report what they hear but then the sources may not be that great.

I write articles in my blog daily just searching for the truth.  I must admit that the last year of blogging has become quite challenging.

There is almost no truth when reading articles about President Trump.  The media looks for a few words to grab and then runs those words into the ground.   The latest stint was Trump calling some countries s__t holes.   There is certainly a problem with getting older.   We remove our filters and say what we are thinking.  We do not care what others think because it does not matter any more.  As we age we have nobody to impress.  Granted, being the President you are supposed to exercise caution and choose your words carefully.   President Trump was elected because he does not do this.  He says what people are thinking.   The bottom line is some of these third world countries are s__t holes.   Chicago is a s__t hole, along with a slew of other cities in our own country.   Been to South Central Los Angeles?  I have.  Been to Chicago?  I have and it isn’t pretty.  Every place in this world has its own s__t holes.  They can be found anywhere.  So why is the media making a big deal out of this?  Because those rich government representatives have never been in an area that is dirty, smelly, rampant with drugs and homeless people.  Had they been there they would have understood that there are really s__t holes out there.

Why the articles about Trump and women?  Just because they can make the president look dirty.   Bill Clinton got dragged through the same dirt but he was caught with his pants down. He gets a get out of jail free card.  The same can’t be said for Trump.  He has a dirty mouth and said things that any man has probably said, and women too.   He just got caught with an open microphone.  So far I haven’t seen President Trump with his pants around his ankles.

How about DACA and the lawmakers demanding we let an additional 1.3 million illegals stay here without going through the same requirements legal immigrants had to follow?   Legal immigrants didn’t get a free education and a free ride.   Why should these folks, yet the game is that there will be no spending plan and no deal for the wall unless Trump gives the left another free ride.   In the mean time our fictitious borders are wide open with illegal immigrants, drug cartels and terrorists crossing daily despite Trumps aggressive border policies.  People that cry that we should have love and instead of walls need to line up and be the first ones shot when a terrorist takes aim.   I am sick and tired of those that think we should extend a hand to the world when they are living a dream here in America that the world is safe.   Are the scenarios in Iraq, Syria, Africa and Afghanistan just computer games?   Get a clue.  It isn’t all flowers out there in the real world liberals.  There is some manure too.

Lets talk tax cuts.  Everyone says the rich will get richer.   It may be true, but they will also have the ability and finances to help others.   Before all the nay-sayers say how horrible this will be, why don’t they wait and see the results first and then bitch?  Obama-care was all the rave right?  Its broken.   Cash for clunkers was a good deal right?  It darn near bankrupted every private car dealership in America.  People only are for the deal if it looks like their pockets will get lined.  The reality of the world is the wealthy are in control.  Get a grip and realize that.  They own the businesses, they have the cash, they have the ability to build business and create jobs for you and me.   Do you really think that these people can really spend all that money on themselves?  It is about power.  They will grow the economy.  Watch.

Gun laws.   People still think guns kill people.   Ridiculous.  People pull the trigger and most crime is committed by people who are criminals that are carrying stolen guns.   It’s not the honest concealed weapon permit holders like me that kill people.  We are just carrying because we want to be safe and our families to be safe because the people have allowed open borders, drug cartels and thugs to run the streets, break into our homes and kill people.   Gangs would be totally in control of the streets like Chicago if we  did not have good people carrying guns.  Chicago is a gun free zone with one of the highest murder rates in the US.  Guns save more lives than they take.  Nobody has decided to publish that statistic.

I could go on but you get my point.   I read our local newspaper today just to see what was going on.   It was full of fake news, letters and opinions that people write in.  I was tempted to comment but resisted the urge.   I have not commented on the major news sites since I started this blog.   I have posted a few comments in the Mountain Democrat, our local paper just to be insulted and called names because I said something that was in disagreement with another.   When I cannot resist the urge to comment I am always professional.  I keep the politics out of it and make my point only to be insulted.  I remember being in elementary school when we did things like that.  It’s hard to imagine that the broad base of Americans are just angry little children, where name calling and insulting somehow makes these people fill bigger.

Well, that is my two cents today and some of my reasons for saying “Searching for Truthful News is Like Fishing in a Well.”

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