Keeping Californian’s Informed – Jefferson State

I received another update from the Jefferson State movement in California and I thought I would share with those who reside here for now what is in store for you in the future.

1.  I find myself and hopefully most of you, along with those yet to do so, to commit ourselves, even more so, to step and stand firm across our “line in the sand”, now that California is a Sanctuary State, as well as legislators who now want to make California a sanctuary state for marijuana. Californian’s wallets  are also lighter now, due to increased gas taxes, with many yet to go into additional shock when they  receive their bills for new increased vehicle registration fees, with average increases of $100-$175 more. per vehicle, per year.

2.  Unbeknown to most, the State Legislature claims to have enough votes to pass SB 623, that will mandate that local water districts increase ratepayers water bills, throughout the state, by $12 to $120 per year depending on your water use. The money will be used to help disadvantaged districts.  I wonder what they are going to do to people who have their own private well?

3.  The State Legislature is also considering AB 1668, putting all Californian’s on a water diet. AB 1668 would establish 55 gallon per capita per daily for indoor residential water and then on January 1, 2025, lessening use to 52.5 gallons per capita. In 2030, another drop will occur to 50 gallons per capital daily water use.   So does that mean they are going to put a meter on my well?  Does that mean we get to take one shower a month?  At least we will smell like the homeless people that they are turning us into by taxing us to death.

4.  Brown’s cap-and-trade is expected to cause gas prices to jump anywhere from .73 cents to about $1.75 per gallon. Many feel that these are the dollars that will be earmarked for Brown’s High Speed Rail with cost estimates that have now soared to $68 billion. And, the proposal for a per mile driven gas tax is still on the table. The reason, because even after the recent gas tax hike, it is speculated that the state is still not collecting enough.  The ones that really pay are those who live in mountain communities that have to commute.   I bet there will be no problem passing a tax by miles driven as well in this state.   They are pushing me to the limit.

These things are just the start of what will be happening here in Socialist California.   I wonder how long the liberals will keep fleecing the pockets of the hard workers in this state to hand to the homeless, drug addicts, illegal immigrants, lifetime welfare recipients and single payer health care?
Its looking more and more like I will have to sell and move.  Idaho, Utah, and Montana all sound like places to head for.

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