ICE will be having a busy week in California



Since California illegally declared itself a Sanctuary State against many federal laws it appears that ICE is taking things into its own hands.

This week a major focus will be in the San Francisco bay area rounding up illegal immigrants.   I am not sure why the news calls it Northern California because San Francisco is in the middle of the state.  Northern California would be Redding.

In Eastern California – The Sierra foothills most of us already know that the local law enforcement will not turn a blind eye to ICE when then have somebody in custody that is her illegally.   The Sanctuary is a tough law for California to enforce; its illegal and how are they going to prove that local law enforcement called ICE?    Good luck with that one!

Well, San Francisco is having a melt-down and local news media ran all sorts of stories trying to tell the Illegals not to be scared.  When you have committed a crime you should be scared.   Being here illegally is a crime.

In addition the DHS is asking the AG to make a decision to prosecute those that are violating Federal Immigration Law with their Sanctuary Status.   I can’t wait to see if they have the courage to arrest Governor Jerry Brown for signing into law the State Sanctuary Bill.  I would hope that law enforcement arrest him as well as every state legislator that voted yes for this bill.  In addition every city and county that passed any sort of legislation in violation of the Federal Laws should be arrested.

All of these folks have tons of money so they will post bail, and as long as the 9th Circuit Liberal Judge Panel are in charge they will all get their charges dropped – unless it is appealed to the Supreme Court where something might happen.

All of these politicians swore to uphold the law when they took the oath of office.

Anyway, ICE you have my full support.   Happy Hunting!

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  1. Mike says:

    I fully support law enforcements efforts to do the right thing!

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