Government Shutdown and What it Means to the Average Citizen

President Trump

President Trump

I have been reading the news and all of the hype about the government shutdown.  The shutdown of the government is caused by the spending budget not being approved.   The government has shut down at least 17 times maybe more due to impasse in the senate about spending.

Well, as the average “Joe” the government shutdown means absolutely nothing to me.

It is business as usual.    I don’t give a darn about most of the wasted government departments that do absolutely nothing.   I could care less if the IRS or the EPA is put on holiday.  I don’t care if the other agencies operate either.   The bottom line is that none of this personally affects me.

This is a big political game to grab headlines.  The Left blames the Right, the Right blames the left but this is a clear example of how inefficient our government is.

The Left wants open borders and legal status for 1.3 million DACA folks and that are here illegally under the Obama administration.  They don’t want a border wall in the tough areas, they want as many illegals and terrorists to cross the border to muster votes to keep them and their liberal socialistic ideals in power.    The Right in this case, the Trump Administration has done some of the right things.  Closing the borders and exiting people who did not follow the rule of law to be here are the ones that need to go.  So the real problem here on the budget and government shutdown has nothing to do with spending at all, which the law was intended to control.  The wall is necessary in some areas.

Our government spends too much of my money on the wrong things.  Many of the departments that operate or the “studies” that they do with the tax collected money is a waste.   As far as I am concerned all of these wasted operations need to be shut down.   It is a shame that some of the parks are effected but the bottom line is that would be the only thing that may affect me if I was on a vacation and decided to visit one.

The real facts are that our national defense and military still operate in these times of budget emergencies.  Other agencies like Social Security and Medicare operate.

The Left will point out that there will be a huge impact to the economy.  They will say how many billions of dollars in lost revenue a shut down costs.   The fact that is never revealed to the public is how much money was saved during the shut down while these government agencies didn’t work.  I do feel bad for the 400,000 federal employees that work without pay however they will get their money – they always do.  The news makes you feel like these poor people won’t get paid another lie.  Some furloughed workers get paid for sitting at home.  That’s true as well.

Government is too big.   There is so many departments that need to be shuttered.  Too bad that the California government won’t get shut down.   It is by far the biggest waster of money of any State run organization in the United States.

The bottom line is the government shutdown means absolutely nothing to the average citizen, so ignore the big news headlines.

One thing that I hope happens with this impasse.  I hope that the right does not back down to allow the left to continue its liberal policies.  Open borders need to be closed.  DACA folks need to go home.   Illegal Immigrants need to go home.  There are ways to come here legally.  That path needs to be followed here just like every other country in the world.  Unfortunately with the House being controlled by the Democrats starting Jan 2019 there won’t be a border wall.   Trump will back down and things will be back to usual.  No secure borders, caravans at our borders trying for illegal entry.   The Democrat party won’t wake up until another major even happens here like 9/11.

Finally, the news lies about the government shutdown and finger points to the Republican’s as if it is their fault.   The shutdown is about a budget being approved or disapproved.  The pawns of border walls and immigration are just news grabbing headlines to influence the weak-minded.  I hope to see the Federal Government fail to operate for 6 months or more.  The result would surely result in a government revenue surplus.  That would be a big win for the American people.  As for the borders, the Commander in Chief (The President) is in charge.  If the left does not want border walls in the budget then deploy the military to our borders.  This is doing the same thing anyway.

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