DOJ threatens California, Sacramento County with immigration subpoenas

U.S. Department of Justice demands records on immigration

Source: DOJ threatens California, Sacramento County with immigration subpoenas

It is interesting to read the state legislators and attorney general’s comments that they are “really” cooperating with Federal Officials on Immigration.   The bottom line is that they are not and have been called on the carpet by the Federal Government (Finally) for violating Federal Immigration Law.

I hope that California will not cooperate, and on Feb 23 the Department of Justice will arrest those involved in the illegal hoax of Sanctuary Status.  California is putting all of its citizen’s in harms way by not allowing ICE to arrest and deport Illegal Aliens that are criminals in this state.   California is not turning these folks over to ICE and are releasing them into the street to commit more crimes.   It is a wonder why people like me have a weapons permit.  Of course this did not help Kate Steinle from getting murdered in San Francisco by an Illegal with a gun (that supposedly was not aiming it at her) and it was an accident.   It was no accident the gun was stolen and this was a protected Sanctuary criminal.  It was no accident that a liberal California Jury saw it fit not to do justice and allow a convicted criminal, an Illegal Immigrant get away with murder.

All those in positions that allowed “Sanctuary” to happen for an illegal immigrant should be charged with involuntary manslaughter and placed in jail.

All laws in regards to “Sanctuary in California” need to be repealed immediately.   Also, Governor Brown and every politician that voted “yes” for this Sanctuary State law should be charged with a crime in violation with Federal Immigration law.  They are all guilty.  As a condition of their plea bargain they should all be banned from holding public office because they violated their oath to uphold the laws of this country and defend the Constitution.   This would wipe the liberals out of government in California and give conservatives control of the state which is badly needed.  I could go on, but you get my point.

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