Time to Scrap that Window’s Machine

Well it is time to finally scrap that spare Window’s machine you have kept around just in case.   I am a group of a small percentage of people who use Linux because Window’s has become bloat-ware, has an incredible amount of hack attacks, requires virus software, and every program you want to run costs money.

Running Linux I use LibreOffice that does just as much as Microsoft Office but its free.   I use MasterPDF which is free and does every bit as much as Adobe software.   I use Thunderbird for email that does everything Outlook does.   I could go on and on but to me open source Linux just works.

There are those out there that would disagree because there is just some software that is only written for Windows.   Turbo Tax would be one of those examples but Windows software can run on Linux just fine if you install VirtualBox from Oracle.

VirtualBox has gone a long way.  In its infancy it was slow and had problems.   The latest release seems to have put all of that to bed.   You simply install VirualBox on your Linux Machine and the Guest features so you can access both Windows and Linux Files on the same machine, and pull out your handy Windows disk and install Windows inside of the VirtualBox.   I use Windows 7 because I don’t like 10 much – too much bloat-ware and privacy issues.

After installing Windows in VirtualBox you can then install any Windows specific software you may need to run.   For me, Turbo Tax is about all I need, and was the only reason for keeping a dual-boot laptop lying around.   You can still do this if you want but then you must keep all the virus stuff and root kit software active and worry about hacks.  Since VirtualBox runs in its own protected area there is no need to install any of that junk because there is no way to hack it.  It is running inside of a protected module within Linux. If for some reason there is a problem, just delete the Operating System and reinstall it in the VirtualBox. Nothing will be hurt on the Linux system you are running.    If you are running Linux here is the link to install VirtualBox by Oracle. 

After you are done installing Windows and getting the updates done install VirtualBox Guest Additions.  This will allow you to share folders between your Linux system and Virtualbox Windows files.

My last Windows Machine will be turned into a Linux Machine as the last Windows 10 Windows nightmare is going away.  I am not saying WIndows is something that is horrible, it is something that 90% or more of the people on the planet use everyday.  I am saying it is full of security risks as well as privacy problems.  It is also an operating system that just does not respect your time.  It eats tons of bandwidth with updates and has no respect as to when it installs them.   You are either waiting on a boot up or a shut down for Windows to do its stuff.   With Linux you will get a pop up telling you there is an update.   You can just close it out and install it when you feel like it – maybe in a couple of weeks or you can click on install and it will push off to the background and do its stuff while you are doing yours.  Linux certainly respects your time.   You will also be rid of the pesky anti-virus programs, costs and updates as well as the annual ritual of purchasing Microsoft Office 360.

If you are worried about loosing your web-browser Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome both run very well on Linux.

Anyway – I can’t force you to do it.  It requires some basic computer skills all of which are outlined step by step on the Internet for those that aren’t tech savvy.   If you are afraid to make the jump, then don’t.   Working with the bios and turning off UEFI and getting rid of Bitlocker on Windows 10 may be a few steps people are afraid to take.  For me it was just another adventure.   A tip before leaving WIndows.   Firefox and Chrome both have a sign in process that saves all your bookmarks, passwords, extensions etc. to the cloud.  It is a good thing.  When you do a fresh install in Linux, all you have to do is sign in with your browsers and everything will be just like you left it on Windows – except you won’t have the security risks.

Ready to take the plunge yet?  You won’t be sorry and you will have some extra cash to spend on dinner, or a movie or maybe some more tech stuff instead of giving it to Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, and more.


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