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State of Jefferson a Big Difference from All the Rest

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Note:  This Article is from the State of Jefferson Website ( –  All rights to the publication are owned by Terry Gherardi and Judy Mathat and the State of Jefferson Website.   This article has been placed here to draw more attention to the movements within California about splitting up the state.

Terry Gherardi
Public Information Officer
Jan 28,2018

The Media Blitz about New California has brought great attention & concern for many in our Jefferson Counties, but perhaps even greater confusion for Californians, or “here we go again,” as stated by many in the news media. This is in reference to the various movements or actions underway, to separate or secede from California.

The only similarity between State of Jefferson and New California is, both movements are looking to separate under Articled 4, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.  What sets us apart from New California and others is that State of Jefferson and Citizens for Fair Representation (CFR), is About Representation.

January 6, 2016 – All twenty-one counties completed filing declarations/petitions with the Secretary of State and Legislature, seeking equal/fair representation and/or to separate (not secede) from the State of California. This was followed by tens of thousands of   emails, letters, phone calls, faxes and visits  to legislative offices, by constituents, requesting their elected representatives author a Bill or Resolution to resolve the imbalance of representation – the worst of all 50 states. All requests went ignored.

May 8, 2017 – Citizens for Fair Representation filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Alex Padilla, for lack of representation and dilution of vote. In September 2017, the first hearing was held in the U.S. Federal District Court and CFR is currently awaiting the date to be scheduled for the second hearing.

Who Are the Rest & What is the Difference?
New California: Includes many counties of the greater bay area and Southern California, who would still retain the majority seats in both chambers of their new state legislature, or, same imbalance of representation. As far as the odds of the California State Legislature approving their separation from the state – on January 25, 2018, in a New California website survey, Californian’s were asked, “would you support the State of New California;” 90% of over 20,000 people responded NO.

Tim Draper’s 3-way state split: Petitions are currently being circulated for an initiative on the November 2018 ballot, to split the state into three. One cannot split a state by just a vote of the people; it still has to be approved by the State Legislature and U.S. Congress. Stan Statham tried this in 1992, and 27 of 31 northern CA counties did in fact vote yes, as did the State Assembly, but it failed to pass in the Senate.

Yes California, CalExit: Once again, circulating a second round of petitions for a ballot initiative to secede from the United States, forming its own country. If they gather the required number of signatures to place on the November 2018 ballot and voters approve, this would have to be placed on another ballot on the next general election (2020). If voters were to approve, both the United States and California State Constitutions would have to be amended.

John Cox, Neighborhood Legislation:  Watch for this initiative on this year’s election ballot. Because the state assembly & senate districts have grown so large, one assembly member for every 500,000 and one senator for every million, the Cox initiative divides each of those huge districts into 100 neighborhoods – each with its own representative. Those 100 representatives in each district will meet and select one of their numbers to go to Sacramento. The problem – there will still be just 80 assembly members and 40 senators meeting & voting in the Capitol building. The county of Los Angeles will still have fifteen senators and we in the Northern rural area, will still have only one senator representing 11 counties; Southern California and greater San Francisco Bay Area still rule.

Strong on Jefferson & Representation
State of Jefferson & Citizens for Fair Representation: The largest and only long-standing movement in California, seeking equal/fair representation for all citizens, in all 58 counties, and when successful, will also impact those citizens in about 30 other states. This resolve has been undertaken by a diverse number of plaintiffs, to include cities & counties, using the process allowed under our nation’s judicial system. As previously noted, the case is currently being heard in the U.S. Federal District Court, Eastern District, Sacramento Division, Judge Kimberly Mueller presiding.


Judy Mathat, Supporting the State of Jefferson, Klamath County, Oregon
We are moving forward and making more progress than most people know. Like the President, who I perceive is smiling behind closed doors with his per-inauguration teams and supporters said, “Why give out information about your movements so the enemy can provide roadblocks or disrupt your plans?” is moving forward and steadily shoring up the movement. We can only suggest to the news media that they better get ready to eliminate fake news and start reporting on the real separation movement and put out the truth!!!

Those interlopers do provide a good diversion to keep us all on our toes and to keep the media involved with attention focused on the fact that we need equal representation. Now, particularly as California goes into a financial tail spin (hoping taxes from cannabis sales will save her) the problems are bleeding north, from the “Brown brother/sister governors from another mother” still pushing crazy out-of-touch legislation, I see some Californians moving away from left of center into the center and asking what can we do to stop this insanity.

Oh, and by the way, Southern Oregon counties have been forming to ask the same from Salem! Thanks to California’s leading the way and showing the processes we will have to accomplish, Oregon patriots are thankful for the persistence and perseverance of our southern neighbors.

That is where the same steady progress and Never, Never, Never give up SOJ51sters, will prevail and become more and more the voice of reason. Keep On Keeping On and let the attempts by others will never be able to rise up to the efforts and work of patriotism that I have seen the past three years of involvement and pray every day that we keep our feet to the grindstone of securing Liberty and Freedom as rewards for our efforts for our children’s and theirs. God Bless us all and God Bless Jefferson.


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  1. Mike says:

    The State of Jefferson movement is being kept quiet by the media. This is because they do not believe that a conservative movement so large in California can actually make a difference. As many of us are on the fence about this we also hope that the Constitution will be upheld and that the Supreme Court will recognize that California does not adequately represent its constituents. I am not a minority when I say I have an extreme dislike for Governor Brown and the liberal elected legislators in this state. They only care about special interests. Tax and Spend is the only thing they know. They want crime and illegals running the streets, housing for the homeless along with drug rehab and abortion centers lining the streets. It is not the California I grew up in.

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