State of the Union Address

I was going through the news sites tonight before the State of the Union Address to be given by President Trump.   The left media is really running scared.   They have at least 6 people to criticize the speech after it is over on the major networks (more than at any other SOU in history).   It was a laugh to hear Maxine Waters a democratic racist give her comments, as well as the Socialist Bernie Sanders ready to give his.   Pelosi is saying her nasty stuff as well as Schumer.    It is a pretty big laugh.

The most amusing thing is the people really think that I am going to listen to their comments or take anything they say seriously.   The left, The Democratic Party is completely out of touch.  The corruption is just being uncovered a year later in the FBI and other government agencies.

The bottom line is the economy is much better.   The left would credit the community organizer (Obama) however he really has nothing to do with the recovery.   President Trump is a business person and he is removing the obstacles that were set up by the liberals so business can do business in the United States instead of overseas.  Democratic pundits think that the bonuses that companies gave to their employees due to the tax cuts were chump change.  Well I guess $1000 is chump change but not to me.   I know Pelosi, Schumer and the rest have their wallets packed with thousand dollar bills so it is trivial to them.

The DACA folks will be out along with the rest of the Illegals.  Who cares.   They will be eventually found and deported, no reason to make a scene at the SOU.

The bottom line is I will be watching the SOU address by the President and then turning off the television.   I am going to make up my own mind on what I saw and heard.   I don’t need the “pundits”  telling me what their opinion is because I don’t care.   The liberals are going to trash the speech no matter what is said.  They will continue their divisive methods until the mid-term elections and then hope they can get control of the House and Senate.   They probably will because they will have all of the illegals voting, and many other people voting that are not legally allowed to.   They will use buses to bring in the homeless, drug addicts and illegals to vote.  I am sure they will be paying them to do so.   Since welfare recipients don’t have to work I am sure they will be lining up for the extra cash the Democrats are prepared to offer.

Perhaps my negative opinion of what will happen is just a sign on how Americans feel.   The Democrats thought they had a slam dunk with Hillary Clinton and stayed home.   I can guarantee this time they won’t.

Anyway –  It will be nice to hear the SOU where a president is really trying to make America great.  Too bad that the liberals are just waiting to destroy all he does in the next few years.    As I near retirement I am also able to move to where ever I want to move in this country where people share my ideas and way of life.   If I can’t find it in American there is some wonderful countries and territories you can move to.  It will be interesting to watch.

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  1. Mike says:

    Trumps speech was on point. The democrats are clearly going to fight this president on everything. It is very evident. They were very immature leaders sitting with their arms crossed when clearly our nation has issues that can be solved by both parties getting together. Infrastructure is fixing our country but they want no part of that either. Trump mentioned firing federal employees that do not do their job. To bad that does not apply to the Senators that were present at tonights speech on the Democratic side.

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