California Spends 25 Million Dollars of Tax Payers Money on Sexual Harassment Lawsuits against Law Makers!

Here is another hidden activity of the wonderful State of California you need to be aware of.   Hidden in the news?  Yup –  Go Figure right?

Writer :Ginny Rapini
SOJ Citizen Volunteer

Who Pays For Your Bad Choices?
Let’s look at responsibility!

Last week it was revealed that the state of California had paid out more than $25,000,000 in the last three fiscal years to settle sexual harassment-related cases.  Most of these settlements were funded with taxpayer dollars.  I don’t know about you but I don’t think that anyone would step in and pay out money to cover something that I had done that was wrong!  I’d like to know why the public entity expects me to pay for the wrongs and indiscretions that others have committed!

“This is the most disgusting use of taxpayer dollars we’ve ever seen,” said Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. “There is no way taxpayers should be on the hook for this.”

Most of us were raised to be responsible and to take care of our own mistakes and the consequences that result from making bad choices.  Why should taxpayers pay for the sexual indiscretions and offenses?  Anyone committing workplace misconduct should own their own bad behavior and suffer the consequences, not the taxpayer.  Should I even have had to make that statement?  NO.

For now, according to state law, a public entity is required to defend an employee in a civil case over actions taken within the scope of his or her employment. But the public entity also may refuse to provide for the individual’s defense if the actions were not within the scope of the job, or he or she acted – or failed to act – because of fraud, corruption or actual malice.

This state mandates sexual harassment training, yet chooses to allow its tax base to pay for others transgressions.  Clearly, these actions are not within the scope of the job.

A spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s Office noted that, if there is a conflict between the agency and the individual defendant named in a suit, the AG’s Office usually will represent the agency.

When will this state’s legislators begin to stand for truth?  When will they accept responsibility for their own actions?  When will they realize that we are not their servants; Rather, they work for us?  I dare say, never.

Enough!  We can educate.  We can protest.  We can let them know what we think.  We can’t change their hearts.  Their hearts are turned against the very citizens that they serve.  It is time; I dare say, it is passed time, for us to say good bye to these men and women who have such contempt for us.

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