Tech-support scammers have a new trick to send Chrome users into a panic

Here’s what to do after landing on a page that freezes your browser.

Source: Tech-support scammers have a new trick to send Chrome users into a panic

If you are using Google Chrome as a Web-Browser and are running Windows or MAC as an operating system on your computer you will be in for a treat.  There is another hack out there crashing Windows and MAC Systems.   Linux Systems are not vulnerable to this attack.

It appears that the web-bandits have been at it again.  Those folks who won’t ditch the Windows operating system are having the Google Chrome browser hacked and it leaves a message to call a 1-800 number (they pretend they are Microsoft) and then ask you for all of your personal data.

Of course, nobody is stupid enough to give out sensitive information to someone on the telephone are they?   Apparently not!

If you are running Windows and Google Chrome I would just move over to Firefox until a patch is sent out from Google.   Just read the source article and it will tell you how to kill the processes within Windows.

This is where Linux wins again.   Downloaded Files cannot be executed on a Linux system unless a root password is given.  Also installing and running software is a bit more complex than just clicking on a link.   You have to be experienced at running simple commands through the terminal window to install a program.  So there you have it.    Just one more reason to throw Windows into the garbage can!

In the mean time if this happens to you, don’t panic – Just press control, alt, delete (on Windows) and the task manager will come up – select Google Chrome and click End Process.

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