Trump takes aim at blue states in infrastructure plan

Some major transit projects are left fighting for scraps.

Source: Trump takes aim at blue states in infrastructure plan

This is a left leaning article about “blue states” complaining that the President is not going to spend infrastructure improvement dollars in the big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, New York, Boston etc.

Again the president is right in not doing so.   The blue states that run up and down the Pacific and Atlantic coasts are also those states that are abusing the system, allowing illegal immigrants into their “sanctuary cities” and giving out all sorts of welfare dollars and free stuff to their voting base.

California does not need a 80 billion dollar train project, so far its cost a billion dollars for 1 mile of construction so 400 or so miles should be 400 to 500 billion dollars (for what?)  The rural areas are the areas that supported the president and are those areas that do not have the funding to fix their infrastructure that is falling apart.  The reason is that these areas are already being abused by the blue states in excessive taxes.   Take California for example.   They instituted a gas tax that punishes people who live in rural areas that have to commute to work.  People in the big cities drive a couple of miles to work or ride transit.  California added hundreds of dollars to vehicle registration costs punishing again the people who live in the rural areas that need cars to commute.  The blue states continue to tax the rural areas and filter that money into their metro areas while ignoring the needs of the rural areas.    The bottom line is that those areas should not get a dime and the blue states should start allocating the money to make those repairs properly.

California made a statement today on the news that they needed 800 billion dollars to fix their aging infrastructure and that Trump’s 200 billion was like spitting in the ocean.   Well, California is the highest taxed state in the country.  California has the highest number of illegal immigrants in the country.   California pays the most welfare dollars of any state in the country.  Are you seeing a trend here?   California’s infrastructure is falling apart because the state is funneling all of its cash to welfare and illegals so they can protect their voting base.

I live in this state and as far as I am concerned the big cities can fall completely apart – the end justifies the means.   Our rural counties will continue to struggle as they have been taking care of our own infrastructure all along.   A testament to this is that our roads and bridges are in better shape than the big cities.   Looks like our high property taxes are doing something.

My message to the coastal states is they had better start figuring out how to fix these things on their own.  They get plenty of money and they need to stop giving it away to people who are not working for it.

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