Another Mass Shooting at a School – The Left think guns are the problem.

It is very sad to hear the news of a mass shooting again in America.   My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones due to this heinous act by another 19-year-old monster.   There is nothing I can say to bring these children back that lost their lives and nothing that I could say to their parents and other family members that are suffering this horrible loss.

I have been reading the blogs and Left thinks that guns are the problem.   Guns are not the problem.  It is our society that is the problem.

Pistols and Rifles were available when I was a child and we were all trained how to use them.   We did not go to school and gun down people.   If we had a problem we settled it outside –  It was a fight and usually we ended up being friends.

The problem is that social media has created an environment that is charged with bad things – bullying and sexual harassment to remain just a couple of these things.

The AR15 used in the shootings today did not load itself, and did not drive itself to the school.  It did not pull the fire alarm that had students exiting their classes.  This was a deranged, mentally unstable 19-year-old that hit the breaking point and decided that it was okay to kill people.  If it was not an AR15 today it could have been a bomb, a fit of rage with a knife or sword.   If a mentally deranged person wants to kill they will kill.

The Internet teaches people how to do these things –

The left thinks that eliminating guns will solve this issue.   It will not.  You will never be able to eliminate the guns in our country.  By trying to take guns from honest and sane people will just make them open to attacks from gangs and criminals with guns.  When you make guns illegal, Criminals will still have them.  Show me someone who thinks differently and I will show you a stupid and naive person.

In this case what was an unstable 19 year-old doing with an AR15?   Where were the parents?  Where did he get the numerous magazines?  Where did the large amount of ammunition come from?   Good questions that the investigation into this matter will reveal.

Here is my message to left.   You will never get me to give up my protection.   I will never surrender my firearm.  I have the right to protect myself and my family and you will never get the opportunity to take that from me.  I won’t be the sheep that will be waiting to be killed like many of you.   I will be the lone wolf, prepared to fight and defend myself from this type of person to the death.

A thought to ponder.   If the left gets control of the House and Senate they will probably try to pass legislation to take my 2nd amendment rights away.  There are millions of armed Americans in this country.  None of us are willing to turn in our firearm.  I can guarantee the police and military will not try to take our guns away either.   The result will be a civil war.  The Constitution and the 2nd Amendment was purposeful.   It makes sure that government cannot take control of its citizens and that it makes our society remain free.  Without them dictators rise.

I am sure that when the investigation is done social media played a huge role in this event.

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