The Influence of Stupidity in America

America has been headed down the wrong path for the past few decades.   This is due to the Liberal (Democratic) influence, moral decline and abandonment from religion.

The stupidity is moving on down from the Parents to their children.   Atheists are allowed to shut down the freedom of religion, students at schools are allowed to ban our national anthem due to a perceived discrimination, and schools that get free usage of churches demand that they remove their crosses.

Article:  Remove cross from Sanctuary

Article:  National Anthem Banned at San Ramon High School

Each day across our once great country miserable self-less people continue to rip and tear at the fabric that made our country great.   They think religion is a sin, being LGBT is cool, kneeling at NFL Games, disrespecting our country and veterans is okay  They believe black lives matter but no other life is important. Illegal immigrants that pay no taxes and steal our jobs should get everything for free including citizenship.  Guns kill people (not the morons shooting them – they are innocent), drugs and opioids are cool and eating Tide laundry detergent pods is healthy.

They believe religion is stupid – but its cool to be a Muslim.  They think electing someone because they are black or female is more important that electing the person with the most skills to do the job.

Does this sound like a rant?   It is.   Look at all of the crap going on in our country.

The article title “The influence of stupidity in America” is a testament to what is happening here.   People are given voices on the television, social media and radio to say what they want with absolutely no repercussions.  The most disturbing thing is that these people are so stupid.   They follow like sheep;  like they have no brain or intelligent thought of their own.   Just because some people think LGBT is normal does not mean it is.   Just because some people want to outlaw guns because they are evil doesn’t mean its true.    People have the right to be atheists.  That doesn’t mean they have the right to tell the church to remove a cross, or tell people who believe in Christ that it is wrong.  They can live their meaningless life as long as they leave others alone.

The stupidity that surrounds “Black Lives Matter” is insane.   Who would think just because someones skin color is darker that another that their lives matter more that others?  Stupidity.   You can’t fix stupid!

Who cares how many women the President has been with.   That was his decision.   We all knew he was a billionaire with indiscretions when we elected him.   It was him or a criminal that sold out America and you know who “she” is.  Does Trumps life have to be all over the news every day?  The guy is 70 now running our country.  Does any of this matter?

The #metoo movement….. What a bunch of crap.  Understanding that some people were taken advantage of which is wrong does not mean millions of Americans were abused.   This was just a train to climb aboard so we’d feel sorry for these people.  This goes hand in hand with the thousands of publicized sexual harassment claims that have surfaced decades later.   Why were they not made public then?  Well, these people were not rich and famous back then so lets see if I can get some easy cash while I destroy a persons life – along with their spouse, children, parents and grand-parents.  In the mean time I can get my face on the TV and get everyone to feel sorry for me.  Stupid!  If it happened to you I’m sorry.   You should have stepped up to the plate and dealt with it then. (Children excluded).

More Stupidity –  Lets tear down all the civil war monuments.  After all – it is certainly important to forget our past as a country so we can repeat it.   Hundreds of years ago there was slavery…   It was outlawed.   Does that mean these were all mean and horrible people?   The majority of you (including me) own cars that are polluting our environment.   What will people think of you a couple hundred years from now?   You will be labeled as a bunch of idiots that destroyed our environment.  What a difference a couple hundred years makes right?   Stupid.

Think about this.   Your social media accounts will be preserved for all eternity for everyone to read.   Do you think future generations care a darn about when you farted or visited someplace or was at Starbucks, McDonalds?   Stupid.

1.  If you think Black Lives Matter more than others…… Here is your sign.
2.  If you think people owning slaves 200 years ago matters …… Here is your sign.
3.  If you think guns kill people- instead of people killing people….. Here is your sign.
4.  If you think I care about who had an affair with who….  Here is your sign.
5.  If you have to tell me that I should be okay with you being LGBT…. Here is your sign.
6.  If you think men should be allowed to use a women’s public restroom…. Here is your sign.
7.  If you think women should be allowed to use a mans public restroom… Here is your sign.
8.  If you think I care about your posts on social media….. Here is your sign.
9.  If you think I care about what you think about my blog…. Here is your sign.
10.  If you think our government is not corrupt…. Here is your sign.
11.  If you think welfare is a god given right…. Here is your sign.
12.  If you think illegal immigration is okay… Here is your sign.
13.  If you think ISIS is cool…. Here is your sign.
14.  If you think its okay to smoke weed and drive…. Here is your sign.
15.  If you think what happens on television is normal…. Here is your sign.

Get my point?    It is time we forgot about anyone with any sort of power (media or voice) because none of what they say means anything.   Most of it is stupid.   It is time to use your brain,  and engage it before you open your mouth.

As for me, those who read my blog will think I am stupid, but that is okay because I don’t care what they think!

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  1. says:

    You could not have voiced your own opinion of the subject stupidity any better than what I also think. Thank you for sticking to your guns and writing a great article, to which I hope is heard every where. This country needs to wake up and hopefully we will see how much change is being made from being stupid to being responsible in the 2018 election. If articles like these can penetrate and influence the foggy minds of those who swim in the muck and propaganda, please let it be so. If America does not change her thinking and behavior, Independence will be a word of the past. Thank You Mike for being a great Patriot. Don

  2. Mike says:

    I do think there is just lots of bad stuff going on in the world today. I am preparing to write an article on Social Media – which I believe is the root of evil for most things going on in the world today. I have given it much thought. I have had to membership protect some of my pages because there is some in the world that would attempt to bring harm to people like me because of my opinion of certain things. It is a shame, but at least I can control who views my posts. I am also concerned that some person would perhaps try to take legal action against my for my comments. It is a shame, but this is the world we live in. I truly appreciate your comments.

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