Social Media – The Root of All Evil

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media – The Root of Evil

Social media has become the root of evil in the world. Think about the days in the late 1980’s up until the late 90’s and you will see a different world. Social media was designed as a tool for those people who had settled around the world a way of sharing their lives. People were sharing photographs and family events, their pets, recipes, gift ideas and family values.

That tradition has ended. Social media grew into a firestorm where people no longer needed to have a marginal level of intelligence to use. Now, simply enter a username and password and you can post and view what ever you want with no regard to decency or morality. This movement allowed people who began using the media platform for what it was not intended for. Think about that for a moment. Social media was for families to remain in contact. Now it is much more.

Social media has become an outlet for political views, pornography, sexual abuse, child sex slaves, dating and a number of radical movements such as ISIS, BLM and the KKK. Children are tricked into meeting sexual predators or even worse – sold for sex. ISIS brainwashes young adults and bribes them to come murder people overseas. Black Lives Matter brainwashes people to believe that the black race is supreme and only their lives matter. The KKK does the same for white people.

The invention of commenting on news articles on websites started out as a way for people to have an educated conversation about a posted article. These comments were intelligent at first, but as the development and usage of computers became easier and the smart phone era arrived. These areas have become riddled with garbage, sexual comments, threats, Liberal or Conservative bashing grounds, ways to say evil things about people and for kids, bullying and more. The comments are in most cases are disgusting and in most cases have no relative content.

Social Media is evil. It is no longer the tool that it was intended to be. Facebook and Twitter have moved their way to the top along with Instagram and other messaging sites. I am not a member of social media – just a blogger who puts his thoughts into print, but looking at the media today I am shocked as well as disgusted. Our President uses Twitter today to send out his messages to bypass the biased news organizations. Unfortunately he comes from the business world and does not understand the implications of what he does with Twitter. Twitter and Facebook which is my focus are mediums that used to be for family and are now avenues for people to insult each other and hide behind their pseudonyms (fake names). This goes hand in hand with comments on news websites about articles.

What now? Well to say that young adults should not have access to the web would be going a bit far because it is useful for school projects, however – parents should install firewalls that prevent their home systems from accessing any social media at all. There are content blockers available. Parents need to use them. In addition parents should not be giving their kids cell phones. I didn’t allow my children to have them because I was aware of the evil content on the web, the sexual predators, and the problem of bullying and kids taking naked pictures or pictures of their privates which once on the web would be there forever. My kids turned out great, One in Law School, the other Studying to become a nurse. They work hard and study hard.  To see what is happening with children that have cell phones is shocking.

News site comments – These are at the point where they should be shut off. There is no interesting points being made there. There is no logical responses or intelligent discussions. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and the rest of the giants should just shut it down. I allow comments on my site, however if it is not beneficial to my readers IT GETS DELETED! All comments go to moderation and my personal stamp of approval only allows  content to be published that is decent and useful.

It is time to take control of what is driving the big problems in our country. I agree that the Internet should be free, but I also agree that users must have a code of ethics that make the web a professional place for information, a healthy place for discussion and a safe place for our kids.  Thoughts?

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