The Left Wants to Confiscate All of Your Firearms 

A few days ago, I warned you on my radio program (Todd Starnes)  that the Left would use the survivors of the Florida school shooting as propaganda pawns in a nationwide gun grab. I warned you to be prepared because they were about to mount an ugly assault on the Second Amendment – smearing every law-abiding gun owner.

Source: Todd Starnes: The Left Wants to Confiscate All of Your Firearms | Todd Starnes

Take a read on this article.   What Todd says is true about what happened on CNN.   It is deplorable that a news network would air this type of behavior and think it is okay.

People in America (not all) have forgotten their history.  They have forgotten that when they are disarmed that government is in complete control.   The constitution afforded us the right to keep and bear arms to keep the government in check.

If the country continues to follow this socialistic path and actually succeeds in disarming Americans and confiscating guns we will be repeating history with mass death and execution.  The right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed.


If the United States somehow gets the liberal left back in-charge and passes legislation to confiscate guns there will be a civil war.  Many like me will not give up our firearms or right to protect ourselves.   If they do not succeed in outlawing guns they will clamp down on ammunition and make it impossible to get.  It is time that we think about what could happen in the future and prepare.  I would hate to see what would happen in America if the military and police tried to go door to door to collect firearms.  It would not be pretty.



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