The News Media goes to the Weakest Link for Gun Control

Gun Control has been an issue for decades.   With the recent shootings at schools the news media is using a different tactic to try to remove our constitutional rights;  Children.   Now I have no problem with kids, after all I was once one, however the teaching standards are so low in America these kids (most of them) do not understand what the Constitution is, have not studied the history of our country, cannot name the 3 branches of the Federal Government and have not had to defend our country from enemies.


Going to this group of young adults does nothing for intelligent Americans that can see through the media’s ploy to use children to pass their agenda of disarming honorable citizens.

There is a group of states that are training and passing laws to allow teachers to conceal and carry.   This is a good / bad idea.  The good idea is that there is a lot of teachers that have guns, practiced with guns and hunted with guns.  These are the folks that can handle weapons safely and will act and defend our children.   The others are probably someone you would not want having a gun; lack of confidence; afraid to shoot and may end up getting the weapon taken away from them.  A large majority of teachers in Liberal cities (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, New York, Boston etc) have never seen, touched or fired a gun.

Clearly schools are an easy target.   First of all they are wide open and you can enter from anywhere.   Second, kids are defenseless.  Third, most teachers cannot handle a weapon.  Fourth, the lock-down mechanisms are proven not to work when a fire alarm is pulled (safety.)

History tells us that the sheer number of armed Americans stopped the Japanese from invading us in World War II.  In Switzerland every resident must have a gun.  It is required by law.

There is no good answer for this problem.   Kids are the weak link that news agencies and the left will use to push their agenda because they are easily molded.  None has served in the Armed Forces so they don’t understand war; Most are not studying our History so that have not learned about how our nation was formed and speaking in front of a camera is fame and fortune (just like being cool on social media.)    Their demands mean nothing.

Now there is a rash of companies dropping the NRA to be cool.   These companies have listed themselves as dropping business with the NRA.

First National Bank of Omaha: The largest privately held bank announced to stop issuing the NRA Visa Card due to “customer feedback” on Thursday.

-Hertz (HTZ): The major rental-car company says on Friday it has “notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA’s rental car discount program with Hertz”

Enterprise: Its three car rental brands— Enterprise, National and Alamo will end a discount program for NRA members.

Symantec (SYMC): The publicly traded security software company said on Twitter it will no longer offer discounts to NRA members. LifeLock, the identity theft protection company acquired by Symantec last year has also stopped its discount program.

-Chubb (CB): The insurance giant told Yahoo Finance it will no longer offer the NRA insurance program for gun owners, a decision it has made three months ago.

-Best Western: According to a 2016 brochure from the NRA, the hotel chain has provided special deals to NRA members. But it clarified on Twitter repeatedly that the company “does not have an affiliation with and is not a corporate partner of the National Rifle Association.”

-Wyndham Hotels: The hotel chain, which previously offered a 10% discount to NRA members, said on Twitter it is no longer affiliated with the NRA.

-Avis Budget Group (CAR): The parent company of several car rental brands including Avis Car Rental and Zipcar, will no longer provide the NRA member discount, effective March 26, the company confirmed in an email to Yahoo Finance.

I will no longer do any business with these companies.

Here is a list of companies that are sticking by the NRA.  I will continue to patronize them.

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • AT&T
  • Clearent
  • Fed X
  • Google
  • Harland Clarke Direct Selling Solutions
  • Hotel Planner
  • Lockton Affinity
  • Manage URlD
  • MidwayUSA
  • NetSpend
  • Omni Hotels
  • Roku
  • True Car
  • Vinesse WInes
  • YouTube  – and many other local businesses.

The fight to take my 2nd Amendment rights is far from over, but the direction it is heading is very concerning.   When the government disarms the citizens there is no telling what they can do to you.


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  1. Mike says:

    The following companies have been added to my list to boycott due to not supporting my 2nd amendment rights…
    MetLife, Symantec, Best Western, Wyndham, Alamo, National Rent a Car, Avis, Hertz, Budget, Norton, United AirLines, and Delta Airlines. If these companies cannot support my 2nd amendment rights, they will not profit from me either. Currently I use none of these companies and do not plan to travel.

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