Trump supporter, 76, blames ‘fake news’ CNN for threats following reporter ambush | Fox News

Photo Courtesy of Fox News

Photo Courtesy of Fox News

CNN correspondent Drew Griffin ambushed a Trump supporter outside her home earlier this week because she may have unwittingly promoted a Russian-coordinated event during the 2016 election. Now the elderly woman is receiving threats on social media.

Source: Trump supporter, 76, blames ‘fake news’ CNN for threats following reporter ambush | Fox News

Here is an article where CNN is harassing an otherwise peaceful citizen because she had  pro-Trump messages on her Facebook page.    This is quite concerning.   This 76-year-old woman is now being harassed on social media and at her residence because CNN invaded her privacy and asked questions on her front lawn – exposing her address to the world.   Because her name is so unique she is easy to find on social media and CNN has completely destroyed her life.

This is a concern why bloggers like myself are beginning to wonder if it is safe to post articles or opinions on their own websites.   I went to a blog a few years ago to stop clogging people’s mailboxes up with stuff I sent them.  A website allows people to drop by when they feel like it to see what has been going on.

Due to these things going on in my world I have already made a change where controversial articles are member’s only.   The next move will be the elimination of my subscribe to posts – which I will be doing today.  With some simple coding anyone that registers will have to be approved by me before they can gain access to the site.  It is a shame that social media is destroying the freedom of speech.  Nut-cases that have access to the web are now threatening every-day citizens because their beliefs and opinions do not align with theirs.

As it stands my blogs were to inform people about what things were going on in the world – most are very busy, so they don’t have to go through all of the social media and news to get both sides of what is going on.   Clearly this is becoming a risk for those brave enough to write articles that conflict with the liberal media.

In the mean time a warning to those like me who take a risk publishing their opinions.  Do not under any circumstance talk to the news media about anything.  They pose a risk to your safety.  If you are approached by a news organization your response should be “no comment” to any question they have.    If they come to your residence tell them to leave.   If they turn on the camera’s demand that the content not be aired.

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  1. Mike says:

    Just FYI, I have not been attacked or threatened in any way, however over the years I have learning being proactive has its rewards.

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