Liberal Media Never Addresses the “Gun Problem”

2nd Amendment

Since the shootings at a school in Florida the liberal media has been filled with propaganda about how guns need to be outlawed, restricted, taken; The NRA is bad, 5 Million NRA members are “child murders” and the news is filled with uneducated Students protesting.

All of these things are about guns, but guns don’t do anything on their own.   There are millions of gun owners in this country that are responsible.  The 5 Million NRA members have never done mass shootings.   The millions of conceal and carry citizens have only drawn their weapons to protect themselves, or someone else that was in danger.


So why all the hoopla?  Advertising dollars and to  build divisions between people  in the country (the left and right) – and driving uneducated citizens to force our 2nd amendment out the window so government can take control.

Without citizens having the right to carry allows government complete authority on it’s citizens.   That is why the original founders placed the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution.

Guns have never been the problem in this country.   In fact, guns have been the main reason the United States Federal Republic has stood so long.  There are few countries in the world where the average citizen is armed and will protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There are questions out there for sure – like how could the Florida school shooter acquire 9 rifles?   Why was nothing done by law enforcement even tough this kid was a known problem?   Why did the police sit on their hands not going into the school to protect the children from this nutcase?   Well – Police are not required to protect citizens.   They are only allowed to enforce the law –  On June 27, 2005 the Supreme Court ruled that police did not have the constitutional duty to protect citizens.  So can you really hold the police accountable for not putting their lives on the line?  Liberal court justices made this ruling so the Police were well within their rights to do nothing.   Yes a gun in the hands of a mentally disturbed human can be a problem yet our trained law enforcement is does not have the constitutional duty to protect it’s citizens with a gun either.  To me it looks like a win for the mentally disturbed.    Outlawing guns will just place them in the black market and just like drugs they will still be available on the streets.   Do liberals really think making up rules in the law books will stop criminal activity?  They think banning conceal and carry saves lives.  It just keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens while the criminals and thugs (who don’t care about the law) carry anyway.   Most have done time in the jails and know that our weak justice system will allow them back on the streets in a few weeks.   There is no deterrent here.

As for the kids, they are running around the nation protesting.   In Stockton, California the protests turned into arrests and kids smashing windows on police cars. The news media says Hundreds of kids were standing up for gun control, and when you read the article there were many acting like criminals and thugs.   (Our future leaders?)  There are a few great kids out there but the majority of them have not held a job, and spend their lives on their computer games, cell phones and chatting on social media.  They have no clue what our Constitution is, or the cost of freedom.  Most can’t tell you the address to the White House, or the 3 branches of government.    They can tell you about the movie they saw last week.  So, do you really think people like me are going to spend a moment listening to a bunch of screaming teenagers?  Not me.

The news media lets Canadian Citizens like Michael Moore open his mouth about gun control and equate the NRA to ISIS. This guy is a complete idiot but garners the attention of the news media because he has made a couple of movies and has some cash.  Michael Moore is just a bleeding liberal looking for attention on something so he can get his movie producing career going again.  He wants the 2nd Amendment canceled, and our rights taken away.   He needs to go back to Canada and keep out of our affairs.   He’s a piece of work that I have zero respect for.

Then take a look at CNN.   They get gullible students to go on the air to read scripted statements by the network.  This is another ploy by a left-leaning organization to lie to the Americans.   We would not know what happened if it was not for one of those kids that had a brain that actually stood up for what was right.  Like I said – there a good kids out there.

There is not a “Gun Problem” in America.  There is a people problem in America.  There is a liberal disease that is running the streets of America.  There is the propaganda machine out their brainwashing people.   There are “teachers” that are entrusted to provide our kids with an education that should not have teaching credentials.

Then there are liberal states like California that continually violate Federal Law and are allowed to get away with it because the leaders at the Nations Capitol won’t stand up for the average American and back our Constitution.

Guns will never go away.   Normal people are not going to give up their basic rights of self-defense.   Like most gun owners I am not opposed to a complete and thorough background check.   People should not be able to purchase handguns or rifles if they have a mental issue, drug abuse issue, alcohol abuse issue and have a criminal record.  Since the bulk of us Americans are hard working people we would not mind being put through a bit of red tape to legally have our guns.   Just keep in mind that the criminals will do none of that and will be walking the street with concealed weapons attacking the weak.  I do question the reasoning behind putting law abiding citizens through this step – however I suppose it is a “feel good” for those who think that criminals follow the law.

Guns will always be part of the culture in America and the world.   Screaming kids, Hollywood Elites, The Liberal News Media will always be out there trying to disarm America.   At some point the weak-minded and uneducated will pass laws that will take away the 2nd Amendment rights in this country.   Along with that will be the removal of the 1st Amendment, and so will be the downfall of America.   All of us get old and know we are going to die someday.  I know that these things will happen eventually, but I will not be alive to see it. [/restrict]

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