DOJ looking into possible obstruction charge against Oakland mayor who warned of ICE raid

Photo is Courtesy of Fox News


The Department of Justice is looking into whether Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf obstructed justice by warning Northern California residents of an impending raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Source: DOJ looking into possible obstruction charge against Oakland mayor who warned of ICE raid


It is about time elected leaders are held accountable for following the law.  Obstruction of Justice is certainly warranted and Libby Schaaf should be arrested, required to post bail and spend time in court trying to defend her position.

What she did was totally illegal.  Sanctuary Cities and States are Illegal.  Libby Schaaf is making Oakland not a safe place.   Ever been to Oakland, CA?  It is rough – especially out by the 880 area and the Colosseum.  Businesses have to hire security guards to keep down the theft.  The company I worked for had theft so high that the shrink totals were exceeding 6% of Sales, not to mention the shootings in the parking lot and defecation near the trash dumpsters.

To allow illegals to roam the streets of Oakland is absolutely stupid.  There is enough crime already.  By they way –  have not been to Oakland in about 10 years – and never ever plan on going there. (not even to the airport.)   Reminds me of the rough areas of Chicago.

Libby should be fired and never allowed to serve as a public servant again.

And yes, there is a nice part of Oakland – up in the hills on the other side of 580.   The rich and blameless live there in their multi-million dollar homes. That’s probably where the Mayor of Oakland Lives.


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  1. Mike says:

    On the news tonight, Libby said she was willing to go to jail to protect illegals. This is a comment from someone who has never seen the inside of a jail and thinks because she is the mayor she will get special privileges. They need to book her, spray her down, cavity search her, throw her into a cell with someone she does not know – a thug or illegal and leave her there until she can see a judge. It would be a great lesson.

  2. Mike says:

    Sacramento Mayor Darrell Seinberg is also a criminal. On March 3 he said that he would protect illegal immigrants and criminals to maintain Sacramento Cities Sanctuary Status. If anyone is killed or injured due to his lunacy he should be arrested and charged as a criminal for harboring illegals.

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