Armed Citizens are Making a Difference

Over the past several weeks there has been many articles where people have defended their homes to invaders with their guns and some colleges are allowing permitted conceal and carry students on campus.

The results are outstanding.   In Kansas the crime rate has dropped 16% due to this.   Liberals love to blame guns for the problems but it is not guns.   It is some people who have slipped through the cracks and have mental issues.

Yes, If there was not guns for these nut-cases to use against people it would be bombs, knives, poison gas and more.

The best deterrent to crime is a citizen that has gone through all of the investigative red tape and earned the ability and responsibility to carry a weapon to defend their own lives and others.

Schools have been the target over the past couple of years because they are “gun free” zones.    I am not even allowed to carry my firearm into a school, bar or government building.   These areas are easy targets because the people who want to kill know this.

Many parents are now deciding that “home schooling” is not a bad idea.   The kids get a better education and they are not subjected to the possible threat of an attack.   It is a shame of course; when I grew up I never worried about someone trying to kill us but the world has changed.

Illegal immigration has allowed many people into our country that want to do us harm.   The Internet as well is a problem because Social Media is driving communication and a lot of that communication is not good.  Bullying, threats — and more.  The Internet provides quick information how to build a gun – or modify one to be completely automatic.   No matter what the Liberals want to ban it is not going to keep the “bad guys” from doing what they want.   The black-market on pistols and rifles is huge.  Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens will allow the thugs to take-over as well as the government.   Our ancestors knew about this;  This is why the Second Amendment is in the Constitution.

I am sure that most of our teachers are law-abiding citizens that would be able to conceal and carry a weapon.  This is a solution for those that want to protect their kids.   Most of us would not be against paying a little more in taxes to provide trained security guards with guns on school campuses, after all we are protecting our children.   I would rather do that then spend money on the homeless who want to be homeless, or spend money on the drug problem where the people using drugs want to do so.   Nobody is forcing these people out in the street or making them do drugs or be homeless.

The citizens of this country will take it back.   I have carried a concealed weapon since November of 2017.   It is sad that I have to do – but it is them or me.   I never thought the United States would become a war-zone, but open borders, social media, violent games, movies and television has made it that way.   Did people really think this was not going to happen?

I am proud of all the professional gun owners out there.   I am proud of every citizen that has gone through the trouble to earn the right to carry a concealed weapon.   We should be thanked by the every-day citizens because we are the ones that will protect them when there is no police and their life is in danger.  Only then will they understand that the world is not a safe place.  The United States rode a nice wave from the 70’s though the end of the century.   Those were the good times.  The good times are over here.

In the mean time instead of beating up people who carry firearms – beating up the NRA who continues to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights, be thankful that a few of us proud Americans are out in the street protecting your backsides.

Criminals and Thugs –  We have a warning for you.   Don’t break into our homes.  We will kill you.  A dead person won’t sue.  Nut-cases –  you’d better think now.  I will not hesitate one second to take you down if you threaten my life or lives of others.  This is something you better start thinking about if you want to get old.   People like me have had enough of you.   You might say “The Old West is Back!”

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