California Finally Being Held Accountable

On Tuesday March 6, 2018 the Federal Government, President Trump and Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit against the State for its Sanctuary Laws. A couple of months ago I wrote the President asking him to please get Jeff Sessions to file suit against the state because these Sanctuary laws are putting ordinary citizens at risk. Criminal Illegal Aliens are being released back into the streets to pray on citizens.

I do not understand why Governor Brown or the State AG think that they are protecting citizens. If someone is picked up on the streets (anyone) by the police for a crime they are probably not good people. Everyone is afforded due process and is innocent until proven guilty, however if an illegal alien is picked up for a crime they have already broken the law by being here. They should be turned over to ICE and deported.

Brown thinks California can hide behind the 10th Amendment but I don’t think he can. It is the Federal Governments responsibility to enforce immigration laws and the States responsibility to turn over Illegal Immigrants to ICE for deportation.

Most of  local liberal news stations broadcast the California side of the equation but not the Federal side – of course hiding all the facts. I was impressed with our Local CBS station (Channel 13) Sacramento as they did put all the facts out there on their news broadcast including statements from the opponents of Brown and the AG.

The fact remains that Liberal California thinks that it is speaking for all people who live here. I watched Governor Brown speak and he alluded to Fox News in his statement thinking that only Conservatives are against illegals running the streets. Brown needs to wake up because there is a lot more folks than just “conservatives” that are not happy with the State’s sanctuary law. There is a lot of Democrats that are not happy either. The California legislature is so far out of touch of the average person. They need a wake up call.

I work with a lot of folks and many are not Trump supporters. Most of them are very concerned with the Sanctuary laws and want them repealed.  Many side with the DACA problem and are quite fine with illegals being here as long as they do not break the law.  Once that line is crossed the Democrats want these folks turned over to ICE as well.

This case will end up in front of the Liberal 9th Circuit court which will of course rule in favor of California even though they are in complete violation of Federal Law. The 9th Circuit has a track record of getting it wrong more than ½ the time. It will roll to the Supreme Court for a ruling. This is going to take a long time – years probably.

In the mean time innocent Californians will be hurt because of the lawlessness and lack of responsibility of the State of California and its legislature.

As a citizen of California you should be very concerned about the state playing catch and release on criminal aliens. This is not a game and people are getting hurt. I do not think that the State can hide and anyone that has any type of harm can use TORT laws to sue for damages.

People of this state need to decide what is right for its citizens regardless of political party. Their life may depend on it.

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