Guns, Killings, Mental Illness and Police Mistreatment, California – Worst Place to Live

California State

California State

Guns, killings, mental illness and police mistreatment are still occurring in America. Yesterdays brutal killing of 3 women in a Veterans Facility in Northern California by a mentally ill veteran on Friday finished off the week. Of course people will ignore the lives of these three women in order to make guns the problem.


Mental illness is a huge problem in America and our system is broken. Veterans that return from wars, cannot distinguish the line between what is right and wrong when they have a license to kill. Who knows what went on in this Veterans facility in Yountville but there should be a full investigation to determine why this unstable veteran was kicked out of a treatment program when obviously he was ill. The three women that were murdered made this decision and in retaliation the veteran killed them.

Again, the gun was not the problem but why would a mentally unstable veteran be allowed to have one? If he had a knife would he have done the same? Maybe a bomb? These veterans are well-trained in the “art of war.” Well, no matter the amount of gun laws if someone wants a gun they are going to get one. Perhaps these Veterans facilities should have security but as a proponent of the 2nd amendment I would have defended myself, because I believe in the “right to carry.”

Going further into our world a Coffee shop in Oakland California refuses to serve Police. I am not going to waste my time to name the business because that would be advertising, but these jerks need to have their head examined. Oakland is one of the worst places to live in the country, the likes of the bad side of Chicago and if I were the police I would draw a thin red line around the business and when violence occurs there I would show up in an hour or so and let these thugs defend themselves. In the mean time I would have heavy law enforcement on the street because a business that refuses to serve police must have a large customer flow of illegals and criminals to sustain it. If you have ever been in Oakland, California you would agree. It is a cesspool that survives in the bay area that is full of criminals, drugs, crime and hate.

California this week earned the ranking of the worst state to live in. This was not a surprise to most of us that live here. The article I read did not single out the Liberal run state as the problem but targeted on the cost of housing and the rise of homeless. Duh. Many people are paying over 50% of their gross income for rent. Is that affordable? Taxes are the highest in the country and fuel costs more than Hawaii. The south state is an awful place. Most of us that are “stuck” living here have run to the mountains to escape the miserable liberal, socialistic policies of the state but are still subjected to the high taxes and sanctuary laws of the socialists in charge. The mountains in the East State are the last part of California with conservative values and low crime. Brown, Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris and the rest of the liberal leaders all deserve an award for the absolutely fabulous rating in the state.


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