School Kids Protesting Guns

Kids will do anything they can for attention.   Today’s antics were nationwide protests against guns.   Teachers have done a great job brainwashing children that guns are bad.

As a family member pointed out this evening, they were eating “tide pods” a week ago so there isn’t a great deal of intelligence there (with most.)

The news “ate it up”  and they allowed kids to say “they are our future.”    They are not my future.   Even if they wanted to get into government they would not be there for another 20-30 years. The average age of our politicians us 50-80 years old.   I will be dead by the time they get their shot at government.    I really don’t want to see what they would do when they are in charge.   I’d be shocked for sure.

So why all of the news attention?   Because they are kids of course.   Most just enjoyed the chance to get out of class to goof off and were not concerned at all about guns. (except those that had problems at their schools – maybe)

I cannot take the younger generation seriously.   Most are not mature enough to own a home, hold a job and keep their nose out of drugs.   There are exceptions –  My kids are responsible – but they had good parenting which is seriously lacking nowadays.

So did I pay attention to the kids and their protests?   Only long enough to turn the channel.

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  1. Mike says:

    Our Future – so they say – trashed a Walmart in Chicago today – These are the kids that want gun control – and say they are our future. Yes, the same ones eating Tide Pods a few weeks ago. Really…

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