California – Enough Freaking Taxes!! AB2497

What the heck is wrong with the State of California.  Every time I breathe they are trying to tax something else!   I am so sick of this state and the Liberals running it.

AB2497 is a bill to tax gun purchases and ammunition sales to pay for school counselors.  Why is it that in California the answer to everything is a freaking tax?   We are the most overtaxed state in the Union.   California wastes money by the millions.   Millions of dollars are spent and are unaccounted for.  We have a retirement fund that is broke and bleeding the tax payers for millions to pay outrageous salaries for retirement.  (Calipers)

We are building a billion dollar train to nowhere, more taxes on fuel and vehicle registrations not to be used to fix the roadways and more.

Why is it that California’s answer to everything is to tax people?  We pay enough damn taxes here.

We do not need school counselors on the payroll to stand around to wait for a shooting at a school.  Ridiculous, counselors pretending to be investigators to report early warning signs and threats.   This is the stupidest proposal I have ever heard of.

California needs to get its spending habits under control and tax relief to the citizens of the state.   Fuel and vehicle registration hikes are killing the average citizen.   Property taxes are through the roof and now they are trying to figure out how to eliminate proposition 13.   Home prices are appraised ridiculously high so they can leverage more tax revenue on them.

California is driving us out.   I wonder how they will pay the bills for welfare, illegal immigrants and more when we are gone.

I am a few years from retirement and the state pushes me closer and closer to selling and moving.

When will this stop?   Is everyone else blind out there?  Are you seeing this?


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