Why raising the age to buy guns is a dangerous ploy

Politically correct retailers are traveling down a road of discrimination by setting their own arbitrary age limits for purchasing guns. Since the horrible shooting last month in Parkland, Florida, age restrictions for purchasing the boogeyman of choice — the dreaded AR-15 — have been instituted. In some cases, retailers have announced that no guns of any kind will be sold to anyone under the age of 21.

Source: Why raising the age to buy guns is a dangerous ploy

This is a very good article about what is going on with retailers making decisions on what age to sell a gun, but also shows how strong the liberal discrimination is in our country.  The article draws parallels to other things going on in the world that are “deemed perfectly okay” when they are clearly not.   The Liberal Mindset is certainly a detriment to our country.

The source article points out all of the inconsistencies in our country and the “double standards” that are forced down our throats with no concern of individual rights, rights as parents or rights as gun owners.

18-year-old children (young men and women) are perfectly suited to join the military and defend our country but not to purchase a rifle at liberal managed companies?   Who are they to judge the mental condition of a person?  As a consumer I have a simple choice – either shop at the business or boycott it.  I prefer to shop at a local gun dealer anyway.  The people behind the counter are usually retired military or law enforcement that have knowledge and expertise about what they sell.   They aren’t hourly associates that “pretend to be an expert.”   My next long gun or pistol won’t be coming from a Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Fred Meyer or LL Bean.

It is shocking to see how the Liberal Media has managed to manipulate  gun violence graphs which depict a sharp rise in gun deaths, when they are actually less than 1990 (per ca-pita)  just to sell their agenda of disarming law-abiding citizens.  People that believe gun violence is increasing are “brainwashed” by the media – when in-fact the statistics show a completely different picture.

Sensationalism at the schools where kids are killing classmates is an epic failure on the part of the parents for not properly educating their kids about guns, being a parent and doing simple things like locking up their firearms.   Most of this is education.   When I was a kid, guns were mounted on a rack inside of pickup trucks – left unlocked during the school day.  Archery classes were taught at the local schools.  Having a pistol wasn’t a big deal, but that was before computer games and simulators that make killing a game.  It was also a time when parents took the responsibility to raise their kids instead of letting them be babysit by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.


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