Liberals want the United States to have a Bad Relationship with the Russian Federation.

Russian Federation

Russian Federation

Liberals, still bitter from their defeat and loss of the presidency back in 2016 want bad relations with the Russian Federation.  Liberal news stations are all reporting that President Trump should not have congratulated Putin on his recent win at the polls with over 75% of the vote.

Whether Putin is someone Liberals dislike and accuse of meddling in the election, it has been proven that there was not enough damage to affect the outcome.   Trump won.  Get over it!

What Liberals don’t understand is that a bad relationship with the Russian Federation is not in the best interest of the United States and the world.   In case they have forgotten Russia has an arsenal of nuclear weapons that could destroy us.   Of course we have the same but having Russian and the United States with their fingers on the nuclear buttons like in the cold war is not good.   We have enough concerns with North Korea. Lets not make enemies with other countries.

Besides the occasional encounter with the Russians that are sending a political message there has really been nothing going on.  (Military Muscle Flexing.)

I, like other Americans are not happy with what is happening in Syria or the recent news out of the UK where a supposed spy was killed using banned chemical weapons.   This is not the world I want, and I am sure the rest of the world is in agreement. Russia should be held accountable for that, and what is going on in Syria and through diplomatic channels there should be a resolution.

What needs to happen is that the United States needs to keep the door open and a working relationship with the Russian Federation to negotiate the end to nuclear weapons and chemicals.  Closing it like the Liberals and the Liberal Media want will make the world a very dangerous place.   Perhaps a lesson in history is in order.   Maybe they should read about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Russian Federation and the United States still cooperate on International Space Missions – just in case some people forgot, so it is not far-fetched that they could cooperate on other issues such as Terrorism and North Korea.

The Liberals would have our relationship with Putin all about  election interference and can’t get beyond that.  The relationship with Russia is much more than that.

The Russian people as well as the American people want a good relationship and through proper negotiation and positive relations many things can be obtained.   Making the Russian Federation an enemy is a big mistake, one that the Liberals are willing to make because their heads are stuck in the sand from the realization that Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential Election.   Democrats; Liberals – It is time to move from adolescence to adulthood.  The election is long over.   It is time to get on with working with partners in the world and making it a better place.   If you are bummed out because you lost the Election in 2016 find someone to represent you in 2020 that isn’t a criminal, does not harm our national security by putting email on a home-brewed server and that doesn’t sell our countries uranium for profit.  (We put up with your choice, Obama for 8 Years.)  Find someone with some integrity and intelligence.

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  1. Mike says:

    By the way – There was no media frenzy when Obama congratulated Putin for his 2012 Presidential Win. Double Standard?

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