Anarchist Group Black Lives Matter Block Interstate 5 in Sacramento

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

I am no fan of the BLM movement.  It is an anarchist movement that continues to disobey the laws across the nation.   All lives matter not just ones with colored skin.  Illegal protests and blocking freeways does not further the cause but makes people like me despise the movement and the people involved in it.


I Understand that there was a shooting of an un-armed black man in Sacramento.  There has been no due process in this investigation.  People other than criminals and thugs would understand this. If you have to protest go get a permit to do a legal assembly.  The BLM group is just a lawless gang that run the streets.  They just go about their business without caring about any people their illegal protests effect.  What if there was an ambulance on the freeway with a critical care patient?  Did they die?  Were they black?  Do they care?  Criminal charges need to be filed.

The definition of anarchy is a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.

The orders by the California Highway Patrol to vacate the freeway were ignored.    The news footage showed kids being towed on to the freeway in little red wagons.  Stupid.  All this does is drive a wedge between people like me and the BLM movement because they behavior is disgusting.

None of these people appear to be employed, as any person that has a job would not be able to protest.   They have bills to pay.  I have sympathy for the family of the black man who was shot.  I have no sympathy for the protesters.   If this man was shot for no reason these police officers should be charged with murder.   The investigation needs to reveal what happened.

If it was up to me I would have brought in the National Guard and rounded them up – taken them to a Local Facility and charge each and every one of them  with violating  California Code, Penal Code – PEN § 407, illegal assembly.

These selfish people destroyed the commute home for thousands that had to get home to take care of their families.   How many young children were left waiting for their parents in this selfish act?

BLM is just another group of lawless thugs.




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  1. Mike says:

    Second day in a row the police are showing amazing restraint as well as the people in cars being confronted by these people. I cannot believe no arrests, but this is the climate we have in the big cities. I don’t condone Police Violence and I don’t condone people protesting illegally. Police should be prosecuted for crimes and protesters should be charged with a crime for protesting without a permit and blocking traffic. I am surprised for no arrests for threatening drivers and damaging cars. Sad

  2. Mike says:

    Question for the Protesters…. Is it okay to interfere with other people’s rights – like the right to watch a Kings Game? Is it okay to dent peoples cars and shatter windows?

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