California’s Sanctuary State is Falling Apart

Lady Justice

Lady Justice

California’s sanctuary state is slowing falling apart.   Red Counties like Orange County, and the 23 Counties of the Jefferson State movement are all fighting these laws that are clearly illegal and are violating  Federal Immigration Laws.

It is no surprise Orange County in Southern California joined the Federal Lawsuit against California.  It is one of the few conservative counties in the southern half of the state.   Other counties are publishing lists of people who are illegal immigrants pending release from jail on the Internet so the ICE agents can make the arrests and deport these folks.  Several have declared that they will not follow the Sanctuary Law.   It is a rebellion that the liberals didn’t count on.

California legislators have violated these many laws according to the Jefferson State Website –   Take a look at a snapshot from Jefferson States website below:

Governor J. Brown, Lt Governor G. Newsom, Senate Pro Tem K. León, Speaker A Rendon, States Attorney General X. Becerra, Senator K. Harris, and the majority of voting members of the California Legislature, have openly and publicly declared war on the government of the United States.  The quote below is from their home page..

Governor Brown and the above named politicians are in violation of USC 8, Section 1324, harboring and shielding illegal aliens, a felony under federal law. Governor Brown and the above named criminals are in violation of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 U.S. that clearly gives Congress lawful jurisdiction over immigration. Governor Brown and the above named politicians are in violation of California Constitution, Article 3, Section 1, which states that California is an inseparable part of the United States, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Governor Brown and the above named politicians, are in violation of Article 20 of the California Constitution which describes the oath of office requiring support and defense of the United States Constitution….without any mental reservation. Governor Brown has openly and publicly made several agreements with foreign powers in violation of the United States Constitution Article 1, Section 10, clause 3. Governor Brown does so with the aid of the above named politicians.

To me it sounds like the Federal lawsuit is warranted.   Like most conservatives I believe California is headed in the wrong direction.  I have considered moving on several occasions, only to stick it out because I don’t live in these “blue areas.” As long as our county (El Dorado) continues to move in the direction of fighting the state on issues such as illegal immigration and unfair representation I am staying.

We can only pray that these Sanctuary Laws are found illegal and these politicians are held accountable and charged with a Felony – and be removed from office.

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