California Continues to Disappoint it’s Citizens

California Poppy

California Poppy

The liberal government in California continues to disappoint its citizens.   The ongoing battle with immigration and interference with the sale of Federal land has drawn two federal lawsuits, which the United States will win.  Gov. Brown and his associates have signed climate deals with China in violation of Federal Law and the list just continues to grow.

The problem here is that the Federal Government has not done its job holding California accountable for decades.  The Obama administration allowed California to spin out of control and did nothing.   The Trump administration has allowed California to violate Federal laws for over a year and is just starting to take action.

“ California is on a self destruct course. Massive debt and crime will drive citizens to other states.”
I like many other California Citizens want out of this state but we don’t want to leave our homes.  We are being taxed to death and have had our lives and the lives of our family put at risk because California continues to allow criminals to run the streets.  Immigration is just one of the problems.   Decriminalization of Felonies to Misdemeanors on many fronts have spurred this problem.  Thieves can steal $995 dollars a day from merchants only to be slapped on the wrist and let loose from jail to do it again.   Drug usage is decriminalized.  Needles are all over the streets, alleys and dumpster areas.   Homeless people abound, mostly because California gives them money and does nothing to control them.  Housing prices are through the roof.  Many cannot afford to get an apartment and homes that sell everywhere else in the country for $80-$100 K are going for over a million dollars.

Choking controls and outrageous taxes are killing us.  It’s 20 cents for a plastic bag to put your food in.  Gasoline tax is through the roof.   We are already over $3.50 a gallon while the rest of the nation is 30% less.  Electric rates and water rates are the highest in the nation.   Creative ideas to screw the citizens like charging a $80 monthly fee for a water meter before the actual water is billed, and then you are regulated to such a small amount and exorbitant charges for any usage higher than that.  Thank the south part of the state for that.  The state is looking at taxing wells.

I could go on more about this –   Gay rights supersede the rights of all others.  You can’t even use a public restroom because who knows what sex is in there.   This is not a good place to raise children.  The education system is broken.

The State of Jefferson movement is the answer to all of this.  The state is putting its citizens through hoops because they don’t want the 23 counties to form another state.   After all, where would it get is water, resources and tax revenue?  We are the people who are getting screwed.   We love our home but California is pushing us out.  It won’t be long before we can’t afford to live here.   The only bonus is our home will be way over-valued and we can sell and use the cash to buy a larger home for 75% less and push-off the rest of retirement.   This is sad, but the truth.

There is more on the horizon.  In 22 years you won’t be allowed to own or register a car powered by petroleum.  It will have to be electric.  This is another punishment for rural citizens.  Have you seen the range of these vehicles?  100-120 miles…  What good is that?  Can anyone out there afford a Tesla with a mileage range that would be more in the ball park?   We own horses.  Will that be our new retirement mode of transportation?

What will crime be like in 20 years?   Will the police have confiscated our firearms?  Will I still have the right to carry a gun?  The future is not bright in California and neither are the liberals running the state. In the mean time – California continues to disappoint.

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